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6 Steps to Use Rose Toy in Bathtub or Shower

Both the classic Rose Toys and the upgraded version of Rose Toys 2.0 are waterproof, so you can enjoy them in the shower, whether it’s a shower or a soak in the bathtub.

The Rose toy’s waterproof level is different. If you use it in the shower, you can use it for a long time. However, if you use it in the bathtub, you cannot use it for long periods. The maximum duration for single usage is 15 minutes. After using it for more than 15 minutes, take it out for a while and continue using it next time.

The bathtub is not only a place to relax but also an excellent place to have sex. Rose toys can bring us more enjoyment. Please take it with you and try it in the bathtub. You will have an unforgettable experience.

Masturbation and sex in the bedroom are not new. This time, the bed cannot provide us with deeper stimulation. It would be best if you invited your rose toy to the bath. This can drive your lover crazy.

The sound of running water can obscure the vibrations of the rose toy, so you don’t have to worry about who is outside the door while enjoying yourself. Hot water relieves stress, which helps you release your tired nerves and feel more relaxed, more vital, and less worried about work. Rose toys can please you during an orgasm and relax your body.

When used in water, rose toys can intensify orgasms and explore different kinds of multi-simulation to find the most appropriate way of sex. The use of rose toys in the water has another advantage: cleaning them is easier because there’s no need to wash them separately!

So how to use the rose toy in the bathtub? Let’s take a look at tips for using it.

1. Use Bubbles

We can use a bathtub to generate bubbles. You can add high-tech devices to create a large number of micro-fine bubbles. If the tub doesn’t support the flow of water, it will automatically generate bubbles. You can use Amazon to search for “Bubble Bath” and find a liquid specifically used to create bubbles, such as “Amazon Basics Bubble Bath.”

Amazon Basics Bubble Bath

So that we can produce a large number of bubbles in the bath, it is best to shower before entering the tub and rinse off anybody’s grease. Otherwise, it may affect the number of bubbles in the tub.

The bubbles can make you pleased and produce a pleasant smell, relaxing you and building a good mood. The bubbles can gently stroke your body and feel the call of your body, the call of sensuality. The hot bubbles can gently massage all sensitive parts of your body.

2. Use Waterproof Lubricant

If the vagina doesn’t create liquid when it enters the tub, it might be uncomfortable and dry to play with the toy rose. You can use bubbles to moisten it, or you can use the lubricant’s waterproof properties yourself. Apply the oil to your clitoral region and lick it gently with your rose-themed toy.

3. Play Music

You can play soothing music while bathing, imagine your dream date is coming, let the mood completely relax, imagine the other half is already there with you in the shower, and wash each other up.

4. Watch Pornographic Movies

You can watch porn films, listen to their music, immerse yourself into the scene, alter how you breathe and moan, then let you go, forget about anything. Imagine yourself in the scenes from the film and let yourself experience a more immediate impact. You can also admire your attractive self while stroking your beautiful breasts and pink thigh. To avoid embarrassment, it is recommended to lower the volume of pornographic videos or view them when nobody is around at home.

5. Use With a Showerhead

Adjust the temperature of the showerhead to your preferred temperature. Spread your legs apart and your labia apart. Next, place the rose toy between your legs and rub it around your labia.

If your clitoris feels hot or wet, grab the nozzle, set it to spray mode, and then pour the mist over the clitoris. After the rose toy stimulates, switch to the spray to boost and alternate stimulation. This will increase your orgasm. It’s possible to keep spraying water.

6. Prepare Non-Slip Mats

The hot bathroom will bring you the pleasure of orgasm. You may feel exhausted after the unexpected orgasm. Be careful when you exit the hot tub. Preparing non-slip mats in your bathroom is a good idea to prevent slippage and falls.

If you do slip, having your family and doctor find all the Sex Toys and lubricants lying around is embarrassing. So remember to be safe, take a break, and get back out!

You can use rose toy products in your bathroom for a beautiful, relaxing experience. They can help you understand yourself better, release, relax and enhance your orgasmic potential. You can explore different ways of orgasm and keep practicing to experience beautiful orgasms.

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