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Sex Toy FAQs

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Is it ok for a 15-year-old girl to use a butt plug?

If you feel comfortable using one, then go for it! But if you have any reservations about using one, then don’t. The key is to know yourself and listen to your body. I would also recommend talking to your parents about it, as they can help provide insight into their opinion. You could also talk about it with an adult who has experience with anal toys (like a doctor).

What’s a good excuse for a vibrator? I’m a teen and my mom wouldn’t want me to have one.

The best excuse for a vibrator is that it’s something you need to do your homework.
It’s a good thing your mom doesn’t want you to have one because I don’t think she would approve of this. But if you do want one, I suggest telling her that you need it for school.

When my sister was in high school, she had to do a science project about the Earth’s magnetic field and needed a compass to test its strength at different points around the world. She told my mom that she needed money for a compass — and she did — but then when she got home from school one day, there was a compass sitting on her desk.

My sister later found out that my mom had bought her a vibrator instead of a compass because she thought it would be better than having another baby in the house!

What are some good reviewed small and quiet vibrators under $40?

What are some good reviewed small and quiet vibrators under $40?

The Lelo Mia 2 is a great choice. It’s very quiet and has a decent intensity level for its size. It’s also waterproof, which is a big plus. You can get it on Amazon for about $60.

The We-Vibe Tango is another good option, but it’s not as discreet as the Lelo Mia 2 (it’s about twice as loud). You can get it on Amazon for about $50.

The We-Vibe Touch is also a great choice, but it’s even louder than the Tango (and I find this to be an issue with all We-Vibe products). You can get it on Amazon for about $60.

A good vibrator is an investment. It can be difficult to find one that meets all your needs and exceeds your expectations. It’s not just about the size, shape or color — it’s about what it can do for you!
If you’re looking for a small and quiet vibrator under $40, here are some suggestions:

The Mini Dolphin Vibrator by Just Add Water is made of silicone with a waterproof design. It has 15 speeds and is great for clitoral stimulation. The design is simple but effective and easy to use. This little guy is small enough to fit in your pocket if you’re going somewhere where you don’t want anyone knowing what you’re doing with it!

The Pocket Rocket by Doc Johnson is another popular choice that’s simple but gets the job done. It has two speeds and comes in several colors, including pink and purple. If you’re looking for something smaller than the Mini Dolphin but still want a vibrator that’s quiet, this is an excellent choice!

I’m a girl (14 years old). My mom took my vibrator from me because she thinks I’m too young to use it. What am I supposed to do?

As a parent and a woman who has been there myself, I am sorry that you are dealing with this. I can only imagine how frustrating and upsetting it must be for you. However, I do believe that there are ways for you to get around this situation without having to resort to doing something drastic like running away from home.

In my opinion, the best way to handle this is by talking to your mom about it in a calm and rational manner. She may not be aware of the benefits of masturbation and how common it is among teens today.

If she still refuses to give you back your vibrator then maybe you can ask her why she took it away from you in the first place? She may have taken it away because she thinks that it’s “dirty” or “sinful” or “wrong” but if she doesn’t give any reasons then perhaps she just doesn’t approve of sex toys or masturbation in general. If that is the case then we need to find out exactly why she does not approve.

My girlfriend got a vibrator. Does this mean I’m not good enough?

The answer is no. If she got a vibrator, it’s because you’re not around (or you left her alone in the house). It’s not an indictment of your sexual prowess.

I have to say I’ve never heard this from a guy before. But I don’t think it’s too unusual for a woman to feel insecure if her partner gets a new toy.

As for whether she should get rid of it, that depends on what kind of relationship you have. If you have an open relationship and you both agreed that it was OK for her to take out the vibrator when you weren’t around, then there shouldn’t be any problem with keeping it around.

If she just wants to use it occasionally when she needs some extra help getting off while you’re away — or even just wants to show off how good a lover she thinks she is — then by all means keep the vibrator and enjoy yourself!

How do I secretly buy a vibrator? I’m 19 and still live with my parents, and I’ll be using my own money.

There are many ways to buy a vibrator without anyone knowing.

1. Go to a sex shop with a friend who is over 18 and buys the vibrator for you.

2. Get a prepaid credit card or gift card.

3. Call up Amazon, tell them you’re having trouble with your account, and ask them to send you a new debit card. They’ll send it right away, and all you need to do is put in the new number onto your account with no verification required (you don’t even need an ID). Then, use that card to buy the vibrator online and have it shipped directly to your house (or wherever).

Can I get “desensitized” by too much vibrator use?

The idea that you could end up numbing the nerves in your vagina and be unable to have an orgasm is absolutely false,” says Dr. Jessica Shepherd, a gynecologist who specializes in pelvic pain at North Shore-LIJ Health System in New Hyde Park, New York.

Shepherd says she’s heard this myth repeated many times over her career, but there is no scientific evidence to support it. “The nerve endings that are stimulated by touch are not the same as the ones that are stimulated by vibration,” she says.

But what about women who use vibrators all day every day? Is there any risk of desensitization? “If you use it too much, yes — but you would feel numbness or tingling before you started losing sensation, and there’s no way around that except by taking a break from vibrating toys for a few days,” Shepherd says.

Not only is there no reason to worry about desensitizing yourself with a little self-love (or self-pleasure), but using a vibrator regularly can actually help prevent vaginal dryness and other issues down there too — like BV (aka bacterial vaginosis).

Are there negative effects to using a vibrator?

Nerves that carry sensations from the vagina to the brain may get overstimulated.
“The study about women’s vibrator use affirms what many doctors and therapists have known for decades — that vibrator use is common, it’s linked to positive sexual function such as desire and ease of orgasm, and it’s rarely associated with any side effects,” Dr. Rachel Needle told INSIDER. “However, there can be some negative effects to using a vibrator too much or too often.”

According to Needle, overstimulation can cause numbness in the clitoris, which can make sex less pleasurable and even painful. The result is often a vicious cycle: Vibrators are used more frequently to compensate for this lack of sensation, leading to more numbness and then even more frequent use.

Another problem associated with the overuse of vibrators is something called “vibrator dependence,” which happens when people rely on them every time they have sex instead of on their partner or another form of sexual stimulation. “This can lead to problems such as an inability to orgasm without a vibrator,” said Needle.

Is your vibrator addiction ruining your ability to orgasm?

A study published in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy found that many women who regularly use vibrators have a difficult time reaching orgasm with their partners, while other women report no such issues.

“I’ve always been a big fan of vibrators,” says Debby Herbenick, associate professor at Indiana University and co-author of The Coregasm Workout: A Simple Fitness Plan to Additional Orgasms. “But I do think they can become problematic if used in excess.”

Overuse of vibrators can numb the vagina over time, making it harder for some women to achieve orgasm during sex. This is known as desensitization or vaginismus (when the muscles around the vagina tighten up). Some theorists even came up with a term for what they believe happens to a vulva that has been desensitized by excessive vibrator use: “vibrator addiction.”

Is it weird to buy and use a vibrator on your girlfriend or wife?

Absolutely not. My wife loves to masturbate with vibrators. So I buy her a new toy every few months. She has a collection of vibrators and dildos that she uses regularly, and she never gets tired of them. In fact, she always looks forward to using them when I’m away on business trips.

My wife has a great time using her toys while I’m away, and it’s no big deal for me that she does so. I don’t care what she does with her toys as long as she’s happy and satisfied when we’re together again!

Should I Buy My Girlfriend A Vibrator?

If you’re in a relationship, it’s important to keep the sexual spark alive and well. The best way to do that is by trying new things and exploring your sexuality together.

Vibrators are great for couples because they can be used together or separately. If your girlfriend has never used one before, she may be nervous about using it at first. So why not make her first experience with a vibrator as pleasurable as possible?

If you have any concerns about buying her a vibrator, take a deep breath and relax. She will be so happy with this gift; she’ll probably want to thank you over and over again!

What happens if two people use the same vibrator?

The study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, found that most of the women who used vibrators did so with their partners.

The researchers recruited women ages 18 to 60 years old who visited a clinic for routine gynecological care at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). The participants were asked about their lifetime number of sex partners, whether they had ever used a vibrator and what type of vibrator they used. They were also asked if they had ever shared sex toys with anyone else.

The results showed that at least one type of vibrator was shared by 2% of women during their lifetime. A total of 44% reported sharing vibrators with their partner, while 14% reported sharing with friends or family members other than their partner. The researchers found that men who had anal sex with other men were more likely to use shared sex toys than those who did not have anal sex with men.
“Sex toys used between partners within the same sexual encounter have the potential for transmitting HPV,” Anderson told Reuters Health. “Cleaning the sex toy has the potential to decrease the amount of HPV DNA we can detect and so can potentially decrease the risk of transmission.”

Could shared sex toys transmit HPV?

The researchers concluded that sharing sex toys potentially can transmit HPV, thus putting partners at risk of acquiring this STD. Findings expand the number of behaviors associated with HPV transmission and indicate a need for specific recommendations for cleaning sex toys.

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More than half of all sexually active people will contract it during their lifetime, although many show no symptoms and do not know they are infected.

The virus is spread through skin-to-skin contact during sexual activity. The CDC recommends using condoms during sex to prevent the transmission of HPV between partners.

How do you clean HPV off sex toys?

What are the best ways to clean sex toys?

Reusable sex toys can be cleaned with soap and water. If you want to sanitize them, you can use a 10% bleach solution or hydrogen peroxide (never mix these two together). You can also use a commercial cleaning solution like Sex Toy cleaner or antibacterial soap, which are available at most drugstores.
How do I know if I have an STD?

If you have any symptoms of an STD, see your doctor right away. Your doctor will perform a physical exam and ask questions about your sexual history. They may also take a sample from your skin or genital area and test it for STDs.

Can I give someone else an STD?

Yes, although it’s rare for someone to get an STD from using sex toys. Most STDs are spread through direct contact with infected body fluids, such as semen and vaginal fluid. But some STDs (like hepatitis B) can be spread through blood-to-blood contact — including sharing needles or razors used on the infected skin.

Can a woman lose feeling in her clitoris from too much use of a vibrator? If yes, will it ever come back?

I have known women that have lost all feeling in their clitoris due to overuse of the vibrator. The nerves became damaged and they were unable to feel .

I do not know if it will come back, but I know that some women have had the problem repaired with surgery.

It is a very delicate area and should be treated with care.
I would recommend using your fingers instead of a vibrator to help avoid this problem.

I am 12 years old and I want to use a vibrator. I want to tell my mom but am scared to. What do I do?

You are just 12 and you want to use a vibrator. I don’t think that’s a good idea. You should not be doing these things at this age because you are not fully grown and your body is not ready to handle it.
If you ask me I shall tell you that you are not fully grown to do all these acts. You yourself are scared to talk about this with your mom because you fully know that she will be against it.

So what do we do? Well, here’s my suggestion: If you really have this desire then try talking about it with her in a casual way (not like, “Mom, can I use a vibrator?”). She might be surprised but don’t worry if she doesn’t understand or agree with it at first. Just keep talking about it until she does understand and agrees with it. It might take weeks or even months but don’t give up! The most important thing is that your relationship with your mother is safe and secure so don’t let anything come between the two of you!

How to explain your sex toy to your mother?

For a lot of people, the idea of explaining their sex toys to their parents is cringe-worthy. But if you’re not ashamed of your sexuality, then there’s no reason for you not to talk about it openly.

And if you’re worried about how your parents would react, here are some ways to explain your sex toy:
If it’s a bullet vibrator, or something akin to a back massager, you could quite easily get away with it. If you don’t feel like telling your parents what exactly this object is used for, just tell them that it’s a back massager and they’ll probably be okay with it.

If you have a dildo or a strap-on harness, simply say that it’s an extension that helps you reach different angles during intercourse. They might still be confused about why you need this extension but at least they won’t get an embarrassing hearing about what it does!

I am 12 years old and I want to use a vibrator. I want to tell my mom but am scared to. What do I do?

If you ask me I shall tell you that you are not fully grown to do all these acts. You yourself are scared to talk about this with your mom because you fully know that she would get upset on hearing this.
I think it is better to go for counseling once in a while. This will help you overcome your fear and also help in finding out the reasons for which you want to use this device.

You can also read about its effects on the body, mind, and soul and then decide whether or not to use it.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please write them in the comments below!

I’m 13 and I want to buy a vibrator online, but I don’t have a card and I can only buy it with my parents’ card. Will they know what I am purchasing?

I’m 13 and I want to buy a vibrator online, but I don’t have a card and I can only buy it with my parents’ card. Will they know what I am purchasing?

I added a few pet toys to make it not suspicious but I don’t know if they can see what I purchased.
Will my parents find out what I bought?

Sorry, but your parents will find out exactly what you bought. The website is going to send them an email stating that you have made a purchase and the amount spent. If you want to buy something from Amazon, use your own credit card or ask your parents if they can pay for it for you.

What was your first vibrator?

I don’t remember the first vibrator I ever used, but I do remember the first one that made an impression on me. I was in my late teens and living in New York City at the time. My girlfriend had just gotten a vibrator as a gift from her boyfriend and we were having a “girls’ night” with a bunch of other girls.

We all gathered in her bedroom, giggling and excited to try out this new thing. I still remember how strange it felt to see all these women sitting around with their legs spread open, rubbing themselves with these strange contraptions. It was like nothing I had ever seen before.

I didn’t have any interest in using one at the time because I wasn’t even sure how they worked, but after watching my friends use theirs for a while, I decided to give it a shot myself. The next day I went out and bought my very own vibrator!

Can a vibrator help to remove a kidney stone from urine?

The external physical vibration machine, which is self-developed in China, uses main and auxiliary vibrators to remove stones actively along the urinary tract. It has been employed to markedly improve the efficiency of removing upper urinary tract calculi in recent years [1]. The original design of this machine is based on a double-layer structure and is used to implement a combination of dynamic force and static force. The machine has been successfully applied in clinical treatment [2]. In this paper, the principle of vibration medicine was introduced, followed by an overview of the application range in urology and gynecology [3].

Vibration medicine can be used for treating many diseases, including kidney stones (renal calculi), gallstones (cholelithiasis), uterine fibroids (myoma), and other diseases [4]. Its advantages include 1) no side effects; 2) easy to use; 3) fast effect; 4) low cost; 5) high efficiency compared with other treatments.

The external physical vibration machine uses main and auxiliary vibrators to remove stones actively along the urinary tract. The machine has been employed to markedly improve the efficiency of removing upper urinary tract calculi in recent years [1]. The original design of this machine is based on

I found a vibrator in my 16-year-old daughter’s room. What should I do with it?

If your daughter is 16, she is old enough to be sexually active and she may even be having sex with someone else. It is important for parents to know that teenagers who are having sex are at risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Parents need to talk openly about safe sex with their children so they can make good decisions about their sexual behavior.

If you have no other reason to believe that your daughter is having sex, then there’s no reason to punish her for having a vibrator in her room. In fact, you should talk about safe sex with her so she understands how important it is for her future health and well-being. If you discover that she has been using the vibrator without your knowledge, then you may want to discuss why she felt she couldn’t tell you about this important part of her life and what steps you can take together in order to maintain an open relationship between the two of you where trust is essential

Can you pack a vibrator as your carry-on on an airplane?

If you’re traveling by air with a vibrator, you’ll need to pack it in your checked luggage. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that all electronic devices be packed in carry-on bags. If you have a vibrator that’s smaller than 3.4 ounces, or 100 milliliters, it can fit in your pocket or purse as long as it’s not powered on.

If your vibrator is larger than 3.4 ounces and is powered on, you’ll need to remove it from its packaging and put it into a clear plastic bag. You can then place the bagged vibrator inside your carry-on bag for transport. This applies to both battery-operated and plug-in models.

Check out our complete guide to packing sex toys for travel for more tips on how to bring your favorite adult novelty along with you when you travel by air

What do you do if your 16-year-old daughter asks for a vibrator?

I recently received an email from a mother who was concerned about her 16-year-old daughter’s interest in sex. She said that her daughter had been asking for a vibrator, and she didn’t know how to respond.

She wrote: “I am so uncomfortable with the idea of her having a vibrator. I don’t want to be judgmental but it just seems like such a weird thing for a teenager to want. I mean, it’s not exactly what I imagined when she was young, but now that she is older, it seems even stranger. Plus, we are Catholic and I am afraid that if I say no, she will think I am judging her or something like that.”

First of all, let me say that it is time for your mea culpa. Send a text message to your daughter to get started so that she will not ignore you or pretend that she did not hear you when you call later today (if your relationship is good). Tell her that you love her very much and that you know that there may have been times in the past when you have missed an opportunity to tell her how much you care about her.

How do I find the best vibrator online?

If you’re just starting out with a vibrator, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, look for a vibrator that’s waterproof and easy to clean. The more waterproof the vibrator is, the more options you’ll have for cleaning it — whether that’s in the bathtub or shower or by wiping it down with some rubbing alcohol.

Second, consider how strong the vibrations are. If you’ve never used a vibrator before, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what level of vibration intensity feels best for you. For most people, however, the first few levels of vibration will be plenty intense enough and give them all the pleasure they need.

Third, look for a vibrator that has multiple settings so that you can find your perfect speed and pattern over time. You might want something simple like a steady vibration setting at first while you get used to using your new toy; however, once you start experimenting with different speeds and patterns, it’s nice to have more options available!

What is your opinion on teenage girls using vibrators?

I think girls should be able to use them at any age. It’s a fun, safe, way to experience pleasure. If I had a daughter, I’d buy her one. (I have two sons.)

I think that if you’re using a vibrator as part of your sex life and it’s something you both enjoy and want to do, there’s nothing wrong with it.

I think it’s great because it helps people figure out what they like and don’t like, and it can help with sexual dysfunction or problems with arousal or desire. It’s also great for solo play and can help women learn what turns them on when they’re alone.

If someone feels guilty about using one or gets caught by their partner using one, then that’s something for them to work out individually with their partner if they want input from them on it — not something that should be policed by the general public or by strangers online who have no idea what kind of relationship they have and what they may or may not have agreed upon between each other in terms of what’s okay/not okay to do in bed together as part of their sex life together as a couple/partners/spouses/lovers

Why does my vibrator seem like it is dying even though I frequently change the batteries and it is in good condition?

The motor could be slowing down due to insufficient lubrication, a loose connection introducing a high resistance to the circuit, or depending on how tight the spring is wound in the vibrator. If your vibrator is very old and you have changed the batteries multiple times and it still does not work, then it is most likely time for a new one.

The motor of a vibrator has two speeds: low and high. The low speed is usually used for warming up and the high speed for the actual stimulation. Some vibrators also have multiple speeds, which may be controlled by pressing a button that changes the vibration level or by rotating a dial that increases or decreases power. In order to keep your vibrator in good condition, you should avoid leaving it on high indefinitely because this can wear down its battery life as well as cause damage to the motor.

There are many factors that can affect how long your vibrator lasts once you turn it on:
The type of batteries you use; alkaline batteries last longer than alkaline-manganese or zinc-carbon batteries

The number of times you use your vibrator; if you use it frequently, expect shorter battery life than if

How do you change the batteries in a bullet vibrator?

The vibrating bullet is equipped with a AAA battery, it’s replaceable, not stuck in there, first, unscrew the cap, then put the battery port down and the battery will fall out. If it doesn’t fall out, tap it and it will fall out.

The vibrating bullet is equipped with a AAA battery, it’s replaceable, not stuck in there, first, unscrew the cap, then put the battery port down and the battery will fall out. If it doesn’t fall out, tap it and it will fall out.

How do you open a mini bullet?

The Mini Bullet Vibrator is made of high-quality materials. The vibrator has a plastic exterior and a silicone interior. The top of the product twists to open it up for battery replacement, as well as for cleaning purposes.

The Mini Bullet Vibrator comes with an instruction manual that will guide you through how to use the product, how to clean it and how to replace the battery if necessary.

In order to open the vibrator, twist the top counterclockwise until it unlocks and opens up. Inside there is a small screw that holds the battery in place. Remove this screw using a small Phillips head screwdriver or any other small tool that will fit inside the hole (we recommend using something like an eyeglass repair kit). Once removed, replace with a new AAA battery (not included) making sure you line up the positive side of the battery first (red wire on top). Once secured back into place with a screw, close the top again by twisting clockwise until tight.

What batteries do vibrating bullets take?

The vibrating bullets are rechargeable and come with a cord for charging.
To charge, you need to twist the top of the product( where the on/off button is) counterclockwise, and then it should open to let you replace the AAA battery.

The bullet itself will have a small wire coming out of it that connects to a jack that plugs into your computer or charger. When you plug in your bullet and flip the switch on, it will light up green and start charging. The bullet takes about 1 hour to fully charge and then lasts for about 10-15 minutes depending on how high you set your vibrations.

How do you charge a tiny teaser bullet?

Charge up your passion in only 50 minutes by plugging the provided USB cable into the self-sealing charging port on the back of the massager. To charge your bullet, simply connect it to any USB port or wall adapter and you’re ready to go.

The Best Part:
You’ll never have to worry about running out of batteries with this rechargeable toy. If you do run out of juice, simply plug in the included USB charger and you’re ready for more fun!

I got a new vibrator and I can’t get the battery out?

I bought a new vibrator and when I took the battery cap off, it wouldn’t come out. So, I tried to shake it out, but it won’t budge. Is there anything else I can do?

A: Well, you’re not alone. This happens quite often and we’ve been able to find some answers for you. First off: make sure that you have an AA battery in there, not AAA. If you have AAA batteries in there, they’ll be too small for the compartment and won’t come out easily.

So make sure that’s not what happened! Also, look at the top of your battery compartment — there should be a thin gap where your batteries go in. The gap is designed to allow room for the batteries to expand during use (the vibrations will cause them to). If your vibrator doesn’t have this gap or if your gap is too big (more than 1/8″ wide) then it might be difficult for your vibrator to function properly or even break down completely over time due to a lack of movement within the motor casing (it may not turn on at all). In this case

Are vibrators loud?

Vibrators are a huge part of the sex toy industry, with millions of women using them every day. But how loud are they?

They can be. Vibrating toys range from little bullet-sized devices all the way up to large vibrating wands. Each type and size has advantages and disadvantages.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the louder the vibration, the larger the surface area will be. That means more noise. However, there are many ways to reduce vibrations so that they’re not so loud. We’ll cover those later on in this article.
Vibrator Noise Levels Explained

Vibrators come in many shapes and sizes — from small bullets to large wands — but they produce similar levels of sound at their highest speeds. Here’s how loud your vibrator is likely to be for each type:
Small Bullets: Usually around 75 decibels (dB).

What are your favorite sex toys?

Well, I haven’t tried too many of them, but I can recommend the (embarrassingly named) Vulcan Tight Anus (link to url shortener because link broke formatting)

It’s pretty nice for my purposes. Good points:

I’m about 5 inches or so, and it has plenty of depth for me.
You can adjust the pressure by covering or opening a hole at the end with your thumb

Feels really good

Included a decent bullet vibe (if you don’t care, there’s a non-vibrating version for like, 5 bucks cheaper. I found it utterly pointless, but my girlfriend loves it, so…win?

How does it feel when a guy puts his penis in your butt and a dildo in your vagina at the same time?

I am a woman and my boyfriend is a male. The feeling I will experience is double orgasm, the penis will constantly stimulate the buttocks, and the dildo will stimulate the G-spot and clitoris, it will make me feel very much stimulated and will soon enter into orgasm.

The anal sex game is very exciting for me, but I don’t want to do it often because it hurts me a lot when my boyfriend penetrates my anus with his penis too deeply.

So we have agreed on this, if he wants to play this game again, I need to take medicine that can relieve pain first before we started playing. So now we have been playing this game many times already and everything is OK now,

What’s the difference between a dildo and a real penis?

Dick is warm, gets hard and soft, and you feel it is alive and pulsating.

Dildos, on the other hand, are cold and lifeless, and some have very hard heads.

For example, back when I started experimenting with sex toys, the popular dildos were either hard plastic, soft plastic or jelly. In contrast, today’s dildos are made of TPE, silicone blends, and skin-like materials. In addition, many of these dildos look and feel like real penises. But if that’s not your thing, you can find dildos in a rainbow of colors, including, well, a rainbow of dildos!

How does a masturbator feel?

You may be considering buying your first dildo, but are unsure and wondering, “How does a dildo feel?” I will be 100% honest and tell you that a dildo feels a lot like being penetrated by a penis, but there are some differences that I will explain below. Dildos stretch your vagina or anus, electrifying all those sensitive nerve endings. In addition, they give you the sensation of fullness.

Combined with the ability to stimulate the female G-spot or male prostate, dildos can take you to the big O you need. so whether you’re using a dildo alone or your partner is using one on you, a dildo feels like penetrative intercourse. And, if you can find a way to go hands-free through your partner, a suction cup dildo or even a sex machine, the dildo feels amazing

In detail, sex with a penis feels similar to how a dildo feels inside you. But the big difference is that penises are warm, come in all shapes and sizes, and move without your assistance – to a certain extent. The weight of the man’s body, connected to the penis, also adds a lot to the experience.
Translated with (free version)

As a teen girl, how many times have you masturbated in your bed?

If you’re like most women, you probably don’t do it as much as you’d like!
A new study reveals that 92% of women regularly take time out to masturbate, a huge jump from the findings of previous studies (74% in 1979 and 62% in 1953).

The study also found that most women who masturbate do so in their bedrooms, but not all: some prefer the bathroom or kitchen. And when asked why they chose certain spaces over others to masturbate, they said things like “it’s more comfortable,” “I feel safe,” and “I’m more likely to get caught there.”

How can a teenage boy start anal masturbation?

I am a 14-year-old boy and have tried this method. Use something long and round, like your finger or toothbrush. Make sure you have enough lubricant to slide the object in and make sure you have a plan afterward. It also works best if you’ve pooped earlier in the day so you don’t make a mess and your insides get rinsed out with water.

The best place to do this is in the shower. Squirt a handful of soap on your finger and smear it around and inside your bottom. Insert your thumb or another finger inside your anus and press down on the walnut-textured part, the prostate. Stimulate the prostate gland just enough and you can have a hands-free orgasm.

If you’re home alone or no one can hear you, an electric toothbrush is another good option. Insert one end of the handle inward and turn it on. It will vibrate, which will also give you a prostate orgasm.
Finger or any long, thin, round object. Make sure you lubricate whatever you are using with saliva or real lube because otherwise it will be quite hard, painful and may even cause bleeding trying to get anything in. If you use an object like a handle or vegetable, be sure to wrap it in a condom (I personally used sandwich-sized Ziploc bags when I was younger and didn’t have access to condoms).

Posture. I find the best position to start in is on your back with your feet flat on the floor and bring them closer to you so your knees are bent and outward. This will give you very easy access to everything downstairs. If done properly, anal sex will make you feel weak and make it easier than usual for you to come. On your back, you are not in danger of falling/getting hurt while you are getting used to it.
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What should a 13-year-old boy put in his ass?

Nothing, you are still 13.
If you do, make sure it has a FLANGED BOTTOM… or it could get stuck – you don’t want to go to the ER like that.

Do young girls masturbate with each other?

The short answer is no, young girls will not masturbate with each other.
Masturbation is a solo activity. The very idea of masturbating with someone else is just plain weird. But it’s something that some people do want to try, so it’s good to know what the risks are.

The most obvious risk of masturbating together is that you’re both naked and touching each other during the act. This can lead to feelings of arousal that neither girl wanted or expected. If one girl gets aroused, she may feel embarrassed and guilty, even if she doesn’t think it’s wrong. The other girl may feel jealous because she didn’t want arousal at all — she just wanted to help her friend out by watching or holding hands or something like that.

Another risk is unwanted pregnancy and STD transmission if either girl has sex with another person later on (even if she doesn’t know it). Even though both girls are virgins, they still have blood vessels inside their vaginas which could be infected by an STI from another person or cause bleeding during intercourse later on in life.

Finally, there’s always some chance that one girl might tell someone else about what happened between them — possibly even her parents or another adult who would

If a guy likes to ride a dildo, is he gay?

So, no, if a guy likes to ride a dildo, he is not gay unless he is sexually and romantically attracted to men.

But let’s assume for a moment that he does like men. Does that mean that all the other things he likes are wrong? Of course not. The majority of people who like men and women also like other things besides sex with the opposite or same-sex.

The point is that sexuality is complicated, and it’s not always black and white (pun intended). A person can be straight, gay, or bisexual — or none of those things. Sexuality is fluid, and there are a lot of shades between straight and gay/bisexual.

So if you’re worried about whether your husband might be gay because he likes riding a dildo, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t mean anything at all unless he has feelings for men as well as women.

What everyday items can be used as sex toys?

Tape. Don’t limit this oft-ignored utility to just cardboard and paper. You can find a whole new use for it!

Ice. It may be freezing cold but there’s nothing like ice to make things HOT!
Spatula. A spatula is great for those who want something that they can play with and then put away without having to worry about cleanup.

Towel wet with hot water.
Washing Machine. Make sure your partner knows what you’re up to before turning on the washer!

Cellphone. The vibrating feature is great for clitoral stimulation and it’s portable too!
Banana Peel. If you’re feeling kinky, you can use a banana peel as a blindfold for your partner or yourself! Just don’t eat the banana afterward because that would be gross!

Women, how old were you when you first got a vibrator/dildo? How was it?

I was 11 when I got my first vibrator. When I was 10, I was snooping through my 19-year-old sister’s room, and found in her nightstand drawer, several items I wasn’t familiar with. I picked up one and turned it on, and it shook like crazy when turned all the way up. I had an idea what it was for, but I thought that was my mind just being dirty. I had already sort of been masturbating. At night I would lay in bed and feel around, and noticed how it would feel when I rubbed my clit up and down. I didn’t know it was a clit, all I knew was it felt good.

I went home after school one day and asked my mom if she knew what those things were? She said yes they were sex toys for women who needed extra stimulation to reach orgasm (that word sounded so funny coming from her mouth). After hearing this news from her, she then proceeded to tell me how important sex is in marriage and how important it is to wait until you find someone special before having sex for the first time. She also told me about birth control pills and condoms. Then she showed me where she kept them in her bathroom cabinet at home.

How was your experience buying your first vibrator?

I went to Spencer’s and ‘pretended’ to shop around knowing damn well why I came there. So, my anxious 17 self decided to buy the cheapest and one of the most discreet vibrators I could find – a little egg-shaped thing with a button on it. It had a few speeds and was super quiet, which is probably why I bought it.

I wasn’t sure how this was supposed to work but I figured, what better way to learn than by doing? So, I took the egg into my bedroom and locked myself in there for like an hour while I tried to figure out what all these buttons did.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that if you put batteries in both ends of this thing, it would turn on. And once you figured out how to flip that switch off again…you could actually use this thing as a vibrator! It wasn’t very powerful though and didn’t really do much for me but the fact that it even worked at all was enough for me at that point.

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