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The Rose Toy FAQs

Q: Can you use the rose toy in water?

A: Yes, the rose toy is 100% waterproof, you can use it in water. underwater is still working

Q: How to use the rose toy?

A: Please read this instructions to get how to use the rose toy

Q: How to use the rose flower toy?

A: This is the same as the above question, you can still read the same instructions.

Q: How deep is the hole where to insert the clit? Does it work for longer clits?

A: “Well endowed” here, lol. It works well. The opening is pretty wide and deep.

Q: Does it actually suck or just vibrate?

A: Its sucks and vibrate at the same time.

Q: Does this toy have a warranty?

A: Hello Dear, We do have an after-sale service, you can contact [email protected]

Q: How does the rose flower toy work?

A: Its rotating airflow has 7 adjustable intensity levels, all of which are accompanied by vibrating pulsations. The device is made of waterproof, medical-grade silicone, and can be recharged via a magnetic USB base. When fully charged, it provides up to two straight hours of stimulation.

Q: Does it come with a remote control?

A: Different rose toys with a different set, this rose toy does not have the remote control.

Q: Does the package have a description of the contents? If so, what does it say?

A:It honestly says how to use the rose toys.

Q: Is this safe for men to use on the tip of their members?

A: Yes, it is safe to do so.

Q: What’s a rose toy?

The Rose Toy Detail Shape

A: A rose toy is a suction toy, a sex toy, it is rechargeable, the shape is like a rose, so it is called a rose toy. The right side picture is a rose toy.

Q: What is the rose toy on TikTok?

A: There are different rose toys on Tiktok, but the most popular is this rose flower toy. for other rose female toys please shop our category.

Q: What does the rose toy feel like?

the rose toy for women feel very happy

A: Honey when I tell you that you need this toy, I mean just that! I’m 29 years old and I’ve never squirted in my life but WHEN I SAY THIS TOY MADE ME SQUIRT, IT MADE ME SQUIRT! It was so crazy that afterward, I couldn’t even look at the rose the same anymore after that ??‍♀️? like how could something this small do something to me that a man couldn’t do ? all I could do when I was done was curl up like a baby and go to sleep, I was that exhausted and all of this happened in under 3 minutes.

Q: What is the rose toy everyone is talking about?

A: That is the rose toy that just shows on TikTok or amazon rose toy, but nowhere is better than our store, we will provide the best female rose toy, you click this button, you will know what is the rose toy that everyone talking about.

Q: Where to buy rose toys?

A: The Rose Toy Official Website is the right place to buy the rose toy online.

Q: Why is my rose toy not charging?

A: Please check if the charger is broken, or the USB cable is not working, you can change a new USB cable to see if it is working, otherwise please contact our support service.

Q: Why won’t my rose toy turn on?

A: If the rose toy can not turn on, please check if the rose toy has power, if no power, please charge it, after 2 hours check it again, if it is still not working, check if the charger is not working, or the USB cable is broken.

Q: Why is my rose toy not working?

A: the rose toy does not work is a complex problem, each product is different, so you need to read the rose toy manual carefully, but also need to check the battery, check the charging cable, etc., because the content is more, we wrote a “rose toy not working troubleshooting guide“.

Q: When did the rose toy come out?

A: It’s coming out in 2021, We are now offering a variety of different rose toys.

Q: How do you know when your rose toy is charged?

A: When charging, the button light flashes, but the light is continuously bright when the product is fully charged see less hello, when you turn on the item, the power button will light red, indicating that it is turned on.

Q: How do you know when your rose is fully charged?

A: When the device is fully charged, the light will glow steadily, while when the device is charging, the light will blink.

Q: What year did the rose come out?

A: 2021 is the right time for the rose to come out.

Q: Who invented the rose toy?

A: The rose toy official store invented.

Q: Who created the rose toy?

A: The rose toy official store created.

Q: Can I use my rose toy in the bathtub?

Clit Licker G Spot Deep stimulation

A: Yes, Rose Toy Is a Waterproof Sex Toy – Own the waterproof clitoris sucking vibrator, you can enjoy sexual pleasure in the bath or shower room.

Q: Is the Rose toy quiet?

A: Yes, it is quiet, and does not have any noise. it’s barely loud. if you’re scared of it still making noise you can play some tv or music as background noise.

Q: Is the women’s rose toy waterproof?

A: 100% waterproof.

Q: Can the Rose Toy be submerged in water?

rose toy

A: Yes, you can submerge the rose toy in water, because it is 100% waterproof.

We have different rose toys, rose clit sucker, rose clit stimulator, rose flower toy, adult rose toy, TikTok rose toy, clit sucking rose, rose tongue toy, purple rose toy, and red rose vibration.

Q: Is this rose toy alright for a virgin?

A: Yes, you are a virgin is ok, you can use it.

Q: Is the rose toy packaging discreet?

A: Thanks so much, everything was packaged well and they were exactly as shown discreetly.

Q: Is the vibration loud & if it is how loud is it?

A: Yes it’s a little buzzing sound. almost slightly.

Q: Does the rose toy suck the clitoris?

A: Yes

Q: How long does the rose toy take to charge?

A: For this most popular rose toy, only need 2.5 hours to charge.

Q: How to reset the rose toy?

A: Press the button until it is not working, then it’s going to the reset mode.

Q: How to fix a rose toy?

A: Please check which part is broken off the rose toy, if the charger and USB cable is not working, you can change it individually, if the main part rose toy is not working, you can not fix it, please contact our support.

Q: How to charge the rose toy?

A: Connect the socket and the USB cable, it is ready to start charging.

Q: How to wash the rose toy?

A: Just use the clean water to wash it, dry it put it in the box.

Q: Rose Toy Near Me

A: For New York, United States: Rose toy near me.
For Florida, United States: Rose toy near me.

Q: Beauty shop near me

A: We are the online beauty shop near me, we are not the normal beauty shop, the rose toy is the next generation beauty shop, we focus on soul beauty and healthy beauty. After you have used the rose toy, you will feel a total release and your mind will be cleansed therefore beauty is coming.

Q: How can I get the rose toy coupon?

A: You can sign up for our newsletter to get the coupon code, or you can send an email to the administrator to request the coupon code.

Q: How about the Groupon rose toy?

A: Please be clear, we are the official website of the rose toy.

Q: What is rose toy customer service?

A: Get service from [email protected]

Q: Is Rose Toy’s official website legit?

A: Of course, we are a completely legitimate company, we send the products described in our pictures, and we are not a scam.

Q: How to use the rose sex toy?

A: Please read this instruction to get how to use the rose toy

Q: What is Rose Queen?

A: The Rose Queen represents the fashionable sex concept. Let women be noble, elegant, sexy, and charming.

Q: Which is a good sex toy to gift for Christmas?

A: The female flower rose toy is the best sex toy for Christmas gifts.

Q: Do you own a Rose Toy?

A: Yes, it is definitely recommended for all women! Especially if you’re single. It will definitely keep you out of a lot of trouble, the best investment you will ever make.

Q: Can you boil to clean?

A: I don’t think it’s a good idea to try, just use the clean water to clean it.

Q: Is this is the original manufacturer?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Can I bring this rosy toy on a plane?

A: The Rose Toy battery capacity is much smaller than the requirements of the Aviation Authority, so you can safely take it on board.

Q: Is the rose toy rubber or latex?

A: Its made of silicone

Q: I’d it made from materials safe to use on the vagina and easy to clean?

A: yes, it’s made of safe silicone, ipx6 waterproof. Easy to clean.

Q: Does the rose toy come fully charged?

A: 50% battery life maybe.

Q: Are the cheaper rose toy just as good as the original ones?

A: The cheaper ones are fake, we recommend you to buy from THE ROSE TOY store.

Q: What app should use for the rose toy?

A: This rose toy vibrator doesn’t need an app to use it.

Q: I’ve never enjoyed oral sex and I don’t like dildos. Does this still work for clit stimuli?

A: YES, the sucking rose is especially for clit stimulation.

Q: Does this really provide suction or is it just another disappointing vibrator?

A: It does provide suction, and 7 sucking modes to choose from.

Q: Does it come with a charger?

A: The rose vibrator comes with a USB charging cable, you can connect the toy to your phone charger or power bank for charging.

Q: How deep is the hole where to insert the clit? Does it work for longer clits?

A: “Well endowed” here, lol. It works well. The opening is pretty wide and deep. Just point it’s sucking opening to the clit then you can enjoy the fun.

Q: Is it a difference between purple and red? I want to buy the purple one.

A: It’s the same, just color difference.

Q: Why does mine not suck, it just vibrates?

A: If you just try it on your hand, you can hardly feel its sucking. Only by putting it in the right place can you experience its wonderful.

Q: I heard a youtube review that it’s made of silica, not silicone. is this true?

A: Please be assured that the material of this product is 100% silicone. the physical properties of silica are relatively hard and silica is not suitable for use in adult products.

Q: Does a woman die from a rose toy?

A: No, our rose toy is safe.

Q: Adore me rose how to use it?

A: Please read this instruction to get how to use adore me a rose toy.

Q: How about adore me rose toy amazon?

A: Please recognize our official website, we are a professional online shopping site, and our research for Rose toy is professional, so the items on our website are worth your purchase.

Q: I’ve found a few cheaper ones from a 3rd party. can anyone tell me if they are the same or should I purchase the original?

A: Of course, you should buy rose toys from our professional official website, and should not go to some third party to buy, although there are third party shopping sites cheaper than us, we can not guarantee their quality, after all, the quality and price are generally proportional, especially this involves the issue of sexual well-being, do not go to some inferior sites because of the low price, some sites say very good, but their quality can not be guaranteed, more abominable is that some sites actually send the goods is not same as you have seen the picture.

What is a rose vibrator?

The Rose Vibrator is a rose-shaped sucking vibrator. Sucking vibrators are different from the previous experience of internal sex play and bring women into a world of more orgasmic higher experiences. This type of vibrator is an erotic object with a sucking and vibrating function at the pistil, which uses aerodynamics and vibration to stimulate the female vulva and clitoris. The rose pistil has a nozzle at the top where it can suck on the clitoris and vibrate in more than 10 patterns, from low to high frequency, accompanied by vibrations during the sucking process that will bring you to orgasm. It can be used alone or with a partner. The Rose Vibrator can be used anytime during foreplay and sex, and because of its cute shape, it can also be placed on the bed as a decorative piece.

How to use a rose toy?

Tongue Tease Rose Toy for Women Purple Color

I’ve been masturbating with the rose toy for a year now. Its exquisite appearance and practical functions are really awesome. My boyfriend and I also have sex a lot, but sometimes I enjoy orgasms in my room alone with the Rose Toy. And the Rose Toy is 100% waterproof, so sometimes when I take a bath, I put it in the tub and suck my clitoris for clitoral pleasure.

I tried its 7 sucking modes, from low to strong vibration patterns, like the rise and fall of a mountain range. I like it best from slow to fast so that the pleasure nerves in my clitoris are very happy when they are aroused to a certain level. You can apply a dab of lube to your clitoris to create a “seal” to help with attraction, Under normal circumstances, I get sexual pleasure in 30 seconds.

I also told my handsome guy that he sometimes flirts with me with a rose toy as our foreplay.

How to use a rose toy?

adorime rose toy with 10 powerful mode

You can use it by yourself or with your boyfriend. When you use it by yourself, you can experience the pleasure of orgasm alone, without any disturbance. When used with your boyfriend, you can use it as foreplay, or flirtation, if you often have sex, there is such a rose vibrator, that will certainly make the love juice sprinkled all over the body, remember that before using the rose vibrator, you can first apply lubricant on the clitoris so that the vibrator will form a seal when sucking, will suck more exciting.

How do you use the rose toy?

Since the Rose Vibrator is very different from traditional sex toys, you need to read the manual when using it before you start using it.

First of all, lubricant is essential, and using it will make you more comfortable. First, open your labia, then use the rose sucking function, slowly sucking, starting with low intensity, if you feel the intensity is too low, slowly increase the intensity, until the increase to a strength you feel appropriate on it, without over-stimulation, especially the first time you use it, you need to use it gently. Or you can alternate between low intensity and high intensity.
If your clitoris is particularly sensitive, then you don’t need a completely sealed state because if it is completely sealed it will overstimulate your clitoris and feel uncomfortable, and sometimes you don’t need an exposed clitoris because the pulses can still make your clitoris feel stimulated.

Remember to always use a water-based lubricant to avoid over-stimulation.

Rose toy how to use?

This question same as how to use a rose toy or how do you use the rose toy, please follow the above questions to find the answer that you want.

How do u use the rose toy?

We have one question “how do you use the rose toy”, so you can refer to those questions to find the answer that matches this question.

how to use the rose toy for women?

When using a rose vibrator, you need to start slowly because the air pulses are more powerful for clitoral stimulation. Many people say that their clitoris is more sensitive and they have strong orgasms, sometimes even too fast. There are times when this rose vibrator will create multiple orgasms, something that the user does not intend. If you need a slower build-up, or pleasure once and for all, then you need to be gentle at first and stay at a lower speed, then gradually increase the intensity and then drop back for a short while and repeat until you feel ready. I like to lower the intensity a few times before orgasm because her sucking is a little too intense.

How do you use a rose toy?

We all have different stimulation preferences, so not everyone likes to treat their clitoris in the same way. Some people like broader or more precise stimulation; others like it to the right or to the left. (I like the pressure down there!) Therefore, some experimentation may be necessary to get the right stimulation. The important questions to ask before you buy are. How wide of a mouth do you want? How thick and how hard?
These are all things to consider as she relates to how you feel when you use it. When using it, start slow and then gradually increase the intensity, remembering to use water-based lube on your clitoris.

How to use the rose adult toy?

This is a rose sex toy for adults that is not allowed for minors under 18, so if you are underage, please wait until you are an adult to enjoy it.

For adults who have just crossed the age of 18, you must pay attention to the size of your clitoris when you select the first rose sex toy because rose sex toys are mainly used for sucking the clitoris if your clitoris has just grown, you need to choose a toy for people with smaller body size to use.

When enough sex toys are sold, remember to also enough to buy a water-based lubricant, because you have just become an adult, the clitoris is more sensitive, this time you need to use a lubricant to reduce the intensity of stimulation. Then start slow, find a suitable position, and when you feel right, you can gradually increase the intensity.

How to use a rose flower toy?

Rose flower toy, which comes in different mouth shapes, started out as the traditional round, and as technology progressed, oval opening toys were gradually developed. Oval sex toys are significantly longer and wider than round ones, and we believe this is a huge progression because clitoral size studies consistently show that the clitoral glans (the head, the part that can be exposed) are longer than they are wide.

Many users still prefer a rounded opening, however, for the most streamlined fit, an oval would be a more accurate fit for more of the clitoris.

Size is also a potential issue; clitoral sizes, like penis sizes, come in both large and small sizes, and one product will not work with all sizes if the size difference is too great. So when you’re choosing a rose sex toy, be sure to observe the size and look for the right size for you.

When using it, if you are an old hand, then you can start directly from the highest intensity, and when the orgasm is about to come, you can reduce the intensity and slowly enjoy the pleasure of orgasm.

How to use the rose toy for women?

Now this rose sex toy with a sucking function is sweeping the world, it is very hot on TikTok, and many people praise it as the holy grail of toys, but there are requirements for the manufacturing tools, if the manufacturing process is faulty, then it will be unsafe to use, so you need to recognize the merchant and choose a qualified brand merchant.

The sex toy that people are talking about is this rose sex toy. When you have purchased it from our store, please read carefully the instructions we provide, which are detailed on the product details page. Remember that the first time you use it you need to start with low intensity and you need to apply lubricant to the clitoris to reduce stimulation.

How to use a rose adult toy?

Step 1: Start by purchasing a rose sex toy from our store.
Step 2: Prepare a water-based lubricant.
Step 3: Please take a shower first and let your whole body relax.
Step 4: Adjust the room temperature to about 26 degrees, which is suitable for the human body.
Step 5: Lie on the bed or sofa, rest for a while, and relax your body.
Step 6: Apply the lubricant to the clitoris.
Step 7: Using a rose sex toy, slowly suck your clitoris, starting with low intensity and slowly increasing the intensity.

What are rose toy charger instructions?

Most of the rose toys use USB charging, you just need to plug the USB cable into your computer or rechargeable battery, and you can start charging Rose Toy. Generally speaking, the output current is fixed for a computer or rechargeable battery type, which is appropriate for Rose Toy. If you have an iPhone or Android charging plug, you can also bring it to charge Rose Toy.

Is the rose toy official website legit?

Of course, we are RoseToys™ Official Website, which is 100% legal.

Is rose toy’s official site reliable?

Sure, we are reliable, and you can trust us, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you are not satisfied, you can contact our customer service support to return the product for a refund.

How to turn on the rose toy?

It’s so easy to turn on the rose toy, just press the button, and the rose toy will turn on, for some kinds of rose toys, need to press a long time, for example, press about 3 seconds, but it’s uncommon, usually, just need press the button gently.

Does the rose toy light up when charging?

Yes, most of the rose toy products will have a prompt when charging, either always on or flashing. After a full charge, some will be flashing and some are off. Please read the manual for details.

Is my rose toy waterproof?

Yes, usually it is waterproof, but read the instruction first, it may be mentioned in the instructions.

How to order a sex toy privately without anyone knowing it?

1. If we use our regular credit card or PayPal to pay, then once we have paid, we can delete the transaction and it will not show up again, even if someone checks our account, they can not find the transaction.

2. Talk to online merchants and ask them to use discreet packaging. Our official Rose Toy shop sends all sex toys in discreet packaging.

3. For complete privacy, register a new email address for sex toy purchases only and use this new email address to register with PayPal for payments. Go online and find someone to transfer money to this new PayPal so that there is no need to tie up a credit card and we can use the PayPal balance to buy sex toys.

Use Chrome, enable incognito mode, and don’t save your password, so the browser doesn’t save your internet history either. The new email is only known to you and the credit card has no transaction history, which is similar to using cash for offline transactions.

4. Use cash to buy from an offline shop, buy it, use discreet packaging and sneak it home and hide it.

5. Go to Amazon and buy it. Amazon purchases will be sent to you using a box that says Amazon on the outside and will not say what the product inside is.

Rabbit Vibrator FAQs

Are the thrusting and vibration modes separately adjustable?

Yes, the rotation, thrusting, and vibration modes can be controlled independently or together with the buttons on the base of the vibrator.

Am I able to clean this with just soap and water?

Sure, it is workable.

What material is it made of?

The rabbit vibrator is made of soft silicone.

Does this have the rotation feature?

Yes, it has metal beads inside and you can enjoy the friction by rotating on your walls.

Can this Rabbit Vibrator be submerged in the bath? What level of waterproof is it?

Of course, you can, you can totally invade this rabbit vibrator into the bathtub and enjoy using it in the bathtub. The waterproof rating is IP67

What kind of charger using for a rabbit vibrator?

The rabbit vibrator product charging cable can be connected to Computers, a Power bank, Vehicle charging, and other plugs containing USB ports.

How do I contact the seller? I just got mine yesterday, fully charged it and the suction feature doesn’t work.

Hf35e50ab423a4ecab06ec52052c901efc.jpg 960x960

Dear, we are sorry that our products did not meet your expectation, we can’t guarantee that every product is working very well. If there is any problem with the product, please contact our after-sales email and we will solve it as soon as possible. please go to this page contact us.

Will it smell like rubber or plastic?

Please don’t worry, it is made of safe silicone and has no rubbery smell.

What type of charger does the rabbit vibrator use? Mines didn’t come with one.

It applies to the original charging cable, but the USB port is suitable for computers, mobile power, etc.

How order another charger?

Dear, I’m sorry, we don’t have a separate charging cable for sale. You can contact the seller by email from the order page.

Does it have discreet packaging for this Rabbit Vibrator?

We promise to keep all the information of customers a secret and take discreet packing to ensure privacy.

How to use a rabbit vibrator?

We wrote an article that perfectly explains how to use a rabbit vibrator. The article explains in detail how to use it for newcomers, what old users should pay attention to, the types of rabbit vibrators and how to care for them, how they work, the technology used to them, etc.

How to use rabbit vibrator?

For how to use the rabbit vibrator you can refer to the previous answer that already explains how to use it, or you can refer to the introduction here.

How to use: First you should find a suitable area, start slowly from a slow speed to experiment, how to feel appropriate, then speed up the courier, rather than using the strongest speed at the beginning, in this case, for some people is not suitable.

How to use the rabbit vibrator?

This is a very good way to use, grinding, you can before or after any foreplay, you insert the shaft and put the clitoral stimulator in the position you like, then add some lube and you can grind on the clitoral stimulator, you can rock the shaft back and forth and rub your G-spot. You can add a little pressure to the clitoral stimulator for stronger stimulation, which will make the experience very comfortable for you.

What is a rabbit vibrator?

rabbit Vibrator for Women

A rabbit vibrator is a sex toy that consists of a shaft and an additional rabbit head, so this tool we call a rabbit vibrator because it looks like a rabbit’s, the main body looks like a rabbit’s body, and the part that sticks out looks like a rabbit’s ear from a distance. It can stimulate two parts at the same time, namely the clitoris and the vagina. Although the traditional vibrator is liked by many people, with the development of technology, new vibrators have emerged with adjustable frequencies and also rotation and heating, which can be better adapted to ladies of different body types.

How Does a Rabbit Vibrator Work?

The rabbit vibrator contains three parts, A shaft, An external nub, Vibrations, then how it works is actually how these three parts work, the shaft is the most important one, some shafts are straight, some are curved. external hub is used to stimulate the vulva. The vibration part is also a core, if there is no vibration, then the pleasure will be lost a lot, and the frequency is adjustable.

How Do You Use a Rabbit Vibrator?

You can also use a rabbit vibrator to help with foreplay, or you can use it yourself by masturbating. Don’t worry, the rabbit vibrator is a safe and reliable vibrator and you can use him by yourself or use it with your boyfriend to enhance sexual interest.

How To Pick Your First Rabbit Vibrator?

Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator Double Pleasure Stimulation

Buying sex toys can be a bit overwhelming, except for buying brands you know, you can only go online to search for them because the privacy of sex toys makes it inconvenient for you to learn from your friends’ experiences.

For sex toys, we recommend buying materials that are safe for your body, such as medical-grade silicone, stainless steel motors, because these materials are less likely to gather bacteria and are easier to clean. Please do not choose some ordinary rubber, latex, or plastic, always choose medical-grade silicone.

In addition to the material later, the price is also a factor to consider and needs to be within your budget. Then you also need to consider the strength and function, such as the intensity of vibration, is not the intensity can be adjusted, or only one intensity, it is recommended to choose the intensity can be adjusted vibrator, if there is only one vibration mode, then how this mode is not suitable for you, it can not be used, for a variety of vibration mode rabbit vibrator, the high intensity does not meet the words, you can also choose a low intensity.

Some functions need to be considered, whether it is only thrusting, whether there is a heating function, a rotation function. The heating function is likely to be of little use because we all use it indoors, sex toys have been placed indoors and do not make you uncomfortable because of the temperature, but the rotation function may be more appropriate because the rotation can bring a different experience and help orgasm.

There are four other major factors to consider

1. Power mode: is there a battery, is it rechargeable? Or does it need to be plugged in, recommended with a battery, you can carry it around this way?

2. Noise level: how much noise level? The less noise the better, because a small noise can make you feel at ease, and do not have to worry about noisy roommates or neighbors.

3. Water resistance: we recommend choosing a sex toy with good water resistance so that you can masturbate in the bath.

4. Size: size will be related to the size of the person, height is not the same, the size of the vulva is not the same, may adapt to the rabbit vibrator is not the same, so please pay attention to the size.

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator Video

You can discover the specifications of the rabbit vibrator through the video, you can go through it more quickly, we have a professional video to introduce the rabbit vibrator, enjoy it!

Clit Licker FAQs

How do you know when a clit licker is done charging?

When the clit licker is charging, there will be a flashing LED light, during the charging process will keep flashing, after charging is done flash will go, you can use this light to determine whether the charging is done.

How to use a clit licker?

Press the button 3 seconds will be power on, press this button 3 seconds again will be power off.
Press the button for a short time will change the frequency. 

How does a clit licker vibrator work?

The clit licker has a vibrating motor inside, and the motor drives the silicone.

How does the clit licker work?

This is the same as how does a clit licker vibrator work, there is a vibrating motor inside, when the power is one, the motor will be working, the motor will drive the licker working.

How to be a good clit licker?

Charging fast and safe, lick soft, have a different frequency, using medical silicone. design beautiful, low noise.

How to make homemade clit licker?

clit licker red color use soft silicagel high quality silicone

Making your clit licker is a difficult thing to do, and if you see some news about hurting your body because you made it yourself, you’ll give up on the idea. Because the cost of clit licker is not high, but the technical requirements are quite high, you need to use medical-grade materials, and the built-in engine needs to be safe and reliable.

So it is recommended that you give up this idea. you can check if our clit licker maybe satisfy you.

What is the best clit licker sex toy vibrator for her by adam and eve?

You can check our clit licker, our clit licker is safe and reliable, using medical silicon, low noise, we are better than adam and eve clit licker.

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