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Rose Toy Not Working? How to Get a Replacement?

Now we often receive customers contacting us through the rose toy service line, many of them are ROY TOY NOT WORKING problems, asking us how to troubleshoot rose toys and how to replace a new rose toy?

Let's first look at the customer's question

First Customer Rose Toy Issue

Hello, I’m contacting you because my rose toy has stopped working I’ve only used it a handful of times and it’s just stopped. I will charge but still will not turn on. I was told I could contact you to get a replacement one. Please let me know what I need to do for that to happen.

Second Customer Rose Toy Issue

My rose will not work. I’ve charged it and tried to use it however it won’t turn on. The light was flashing at first while charging but then went steady which let us know it was charged. Once done, I tried to hold it for 3, 5 even 10 seconds and it won’t come on. Any ideas?

Third Customer Rose Toy Issue

I was gifted the rose toy with 10 settings in April. I don’t know where it was bought and I would rather not reach out to my friend. It stopped working/suctioning. I charged it for a few hours, but still nothing. Charged again & nothing. It does turn on and settings can be switched, making the vibrating noise but is not actually vibrating or suctioning. Please advise on what I should do.

Fourth Customer Rose Toy Issue

Hi, I’m having issues with my toy and I need service. The toy charges the light blinks however the power on and off is not working.

Fifth Customer Rose Toy Issue

I purchase a rose toy from Amazon and recently it has not been working. It’ll blink while on the charger and despite being on the charger for several hours, once it’s taken off the charger it still doesn’t work. The Amazon order number is #xxx-825xxxx-432xxxx. Please advise! Thank you!

Sixth Customer Rose Toy Issue

I'm writing because my rose does not hold a charge. I use it 1 time for less than 5 minutes and when I go to use it on a later date, it's completely dead. I was very disappointed last night when I went to use it and it wouldn't turn on at all. I fully charged it about a week ago, used it for a few minutes, loved it, put it away when all was said and done and last night it was dead. Do you guys have a warranty for this? I bought it back in August and it's been like this since day 1. And I've only used it maybe once a month.

I didn't think to email until after reading reviews saying they reached out to you guys.

Seventh Customer Rose Toy Issue

Hello, recently I purchased the rose toy and I loved it however recently it stopped working. I tried connecting it to the charger however it still won’t turn on. The light flashes while connected and then is steady once finished I tried to turn it on as usual but it will not come on for anything. Any ideas on how to fix or replace it.

Eighth Customer Rose Toy Issue

Hello I was wondering what was going on with my rose, it had died I put it on the charger for over 8 hours it’s keeps blinking like it’s charging but it’s not and when I take it off the charger it stays lit up like it’s still charger how can I fix this
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Ninth Customer Rose Toy Issue

I purchased your product from the store “Groove” about 2 months ago. & it seems it is no longer sucking, the vibration is on but isn’t as strong. I’ve charged it for up to an hour but the product no longer has the same life as it once did before. I was wondering if there’s any way I can return the defective product & get a return possibly

Tenth Customer Rose Toy Issue

I recently received my order for the Rose Toy. It is amazing and I loved your product. Unfortunately, after the first time, I washed my toy, it stopped working. When I turn it on the light is red but it does not vibrate or suck. When I hold the button again it will turn off. Also, the toy has been fully charged and has fully died. I’m not sure what’s wrong!? I’m very upset about this because I’ve only used it once time and spent over 50$ on it. Is there something you can do to help me? I still have the toy in hopes that it will start working again, I no longer have the original packaging. My order number was 00030375

Eleventh Customer Rose Toy Issue

I purchased a rose toy on 2/3/22, order number 00015658 and the item no longer works. I was unable to get it to shut off my third time using it, once it died I charged it and can not get it to turn on. I pressed the power button for 1, 5, and 10 seconds. I placed it back on the charger it blinks and then turns to a steady light indicating that the item is fully charged however it still will not turn on.

Twelfth Customer Rose Toy Issue

I purchased the basic rose vibrator a few months back from one of my local sex stores because of all the great reviews. Also not want to wait for a shipment. It was working perfectly fine until about a month ago I tried to use it and it just wouldn’t turn on. I thought maybe it was knocked off the charger and just didn’t charge so I put it back on the charger and left it alone. I tried to use it once again about a week or so later and it still would not turn on. Once again I tried again just this week and it still will not turn on. How do I get it to work again? I don’t want my money to go to waste and it didn’t even work for a whole year. Please let me know if you can help me in any way. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Let's summarize the problems

  • Still charges, but won't turn on.
  • It can charge, and the light keeps blinking, but it won't turn on.
  • It shows charging is complete, try to press and hold for 3, 5, or 10 seconds but it does not work.
  • The indicator light flashes and the switch does not work.
  • Rose toy does not work anymore, is there a warranty?
  • The indicator light does not light up when charging.
  • Sucking does not work.
  • Vibrate does not work.
  • I bought it from a local store, can I get a replacement service from you?

For the above problems, we have a Rose Toy Not Working Troubleshoot Guide, please read this guide first, there are some problems you can get solved from this guide.

For the problems that can not be solved and need to return to the factory to repair, please forward your order confirmation email to us, as there are many Rose Toys for sale in the market, but many stores are not ours, so you need to forward your order email to us and we confirm if it was purchased from us, if it was purchased from others website, please contacts them to replace a new Rose Toy to you.

For some other customers who bought from Amazon, Amazon has a perfect after-sales guarantee mechanism, if it is our authorized store, then the after-sales service is also authorized to them, please contact the Amazon store directly for replacement.

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