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Put a Condom on Your Rose Toy

Put a Condom on Your Rose Toy – Reasons & Tips

When people talk about condoms, they are more likely to talk about preventing pregnancy. Well, as a rose toy user, have you ever thought of using condoms on your rose toys? I Know, we barely consider using protection with rose toys. After all, they don’t cause STIs or pregnancy, but it’s a smart way to […]

Lost My Rose Toy Charger What Can I Do

Lost My Rose Toy Charger, What Can I Do?

It’s annoying if the rose toy is out of battery while using it, or let’s face the fact: It’s completely a nightmare if the rose toy just quits partway through the play because it was not fully charged. If you have ever been chagrined caused by the uncharged rose toy, or worse, you can’t even […]

How to Charge The Rose Toy

How to Charge The Rose Toy?

When you finally receive the rose toy that has waited a couple of days and don’t know how to charge it, or you find that you can’t charge your rose vibrator and don’t know why… this is a specific and complete guide about the charging of the rose toy. With this guide, we believe that […]

What Kind Of Charger Does The Rose Toy Use

What Kind Of Charger Does The Rose Toy Use? Solve All Of Your Charging Problems

Do you have questions about the rose toy charger? We will answer all of them one by one. What Kind of Charger Do the Rose Toys Use? All of the rose toy products should use the rose toy charger, The rose clit stimulator and the clit licking rose is adaptive with the magnetic charging base, the […]

How to Clean the Rose Toy

How to Clean the Rose Toy? Step by Step

In the past two years, rose sex toys have significantly improved our sexual life and brought different orgasms to you and your partner. Well, think about how to clean the rose toys at this sexy moment could be such a wet blanket. But as an adult, this is the last duty we must carry out when […]

Top 6 Best Rose Toys for Women

Top 6 Best Rose Toys for Women

It may make you feel confused about buying a new rose toy. There are too many choices on the market. So in this collection, we will introduce our six most popular female rose toys, which you can take as a reference. The Stimulation Way of Rose Toy When you decide to invest in the luxury […]

sexy girl

6 Steps to Use Rose Toy in Bathtub or Shower

Both the classic Rose Toys and the upgraded version of Rose Toys 2.0 are waterproof, so you can enjoy them in the shower, whether it’s a shower or a soak in the bathtub. The Rose toy’s waterproof level is different. If you use it in the shower, you can use it for a long time. However, if you use […]


Rose Toy Not Working? How to Get a Replacement?

Now we often receive customers contacting us through the rose toy service line. Many of them are ROY TOY NOT WORKING problems, asking us how to troubleshoot rose toys and how to replace a new rose toy. Let’s first look at the customer’s question First Customer Rose Toy Issue Hello, I’m contacting you because my […]

banana and tomato

Discover Top 10 Rose Toy Memes, Photos & Videos

Discover Rose Toy Memes Just a few years ago, there was a vibrating magnetic sex toy that swept TikTok thanks to a series of user praises and comments. It just so happens that May is National Masturbation Month and everyone is doing their inner self-exploration with this rose toy. One reviewer claimed that after she […]

Beach girl

Is the Rose Toy Bad for Your Health

The Rose Toy is a new adult toy that’s being sold online. It has become increasingly popular with many women. It claims to be a revolutionary new toy for female pleasure. Do you have a rose toy? What does the health community think about rose toys? Is the rose toy harmful or toxic? Is it […]

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