Rose Toys includes adorime rose toy, rose bud toy, Rose Toy Deluxe ,Rose Dildo , rose adult toy, rose clit sucker, rose clit stimulator, rose flower toy, adult rose toy, TikTok rose toy, clit sucking rose, rose tongue toy, purple rose toy, red rose vibration, most of this is a rose toy for women, some of this is a rose toy for men.

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What is Rose Toy?

Rose toy is not only a vibrator, but it also has a vibration function, and a sucking function, most of them are rose-shaped, so named rose sex toys. Because the shape is different, it will bring a different experience from the previous vibrators, especially the new style of vibration and sucking function will bring the ultimate experience. Gives women a more orgasmic experience.

This vibrator is a sex object with vibration and sucking function at the pistil, which can stimulate the female clitoris and also suck the female clitoris. The top of the rose usually has a suction nozzle that sucks on the later clitoris of the woman and vibrates in multiple patterns with different frequencies. The vibrations are accompanied by sucking, which can lead to different orgasmic experiences.

Rose vibrating toys, which come in different mouth shapes, were all round at first, but as researchers developed them further, they found that the oval-shaped rose toys were significantly more advantageous than the round ones because the oval shape can fit the clitoris more closely and can speak of a better sucking with the clitoris completely contained inside.

Our Love Flower Rose Toy is the most popular merchandise we have sold. This product can make love better, more beautiful, and more vivid. When you are alone at night, whenever you hold it in your hand, feel the texture, and smell it, you will have a wonderful time! If a woman really wants to love her boyfriend, she should give him such a gem.

How does the rose toy work?

Inside the vibrator, there is a motor that is used to vibrate, without this motor there is no vibrating effect. The material of the motor is stainless steel, iron, and titanium, there is no difference in the experience of the different materials for the function, but there will be requirements for the size of the shape, the better the material, then the smaller the shape can be made. But for iron, if the quality is not good, there may be the possibility of rust, so stainless steel is also a good choice, at least there will be no such thing as rust. When the motor is connected to the power supply, it will begin to vibrate, the size of the current controls the frequency of vibration.

The small device is shaped like a rosebud and a small hole at its center creates a flow of air for a suction effect when held up to the skin.

What kind of feeling does a rose toy give?

If you have never experienced the feeling of squirting in your life when you buy a Rose Toy, this sex toy will give you the experience of squirting, she can do what your boyfriend can not do, even though she is so small, but she will give you the experience of orgasm.

One customer told us that when she bought it, she couldn't wait to use it, she couldn't wait to put her kids to bed, she bought them a new set of clothes on purpose and then let them go play on their own, then she went to experience this Rose Sex Toy in the bedroom in peace and quiet, to surprise her, not even a few minutes later she was already served with orgasm by this Rose Sex Toy and had She has not experienced an orgasm for a long time, she and her husband do not have a harmonious sex life, but since she has this rose sex toy, she is no longer alone, every night or every morning can experience the pleasure of orgasm, life is full of hope.

How to choose rose toys?

If you are buying rose toys for the first time, you may be a little overwhelmed because you are inexperienced with this device, so this time you can choose to buy a brand that you know, or some stores that specialize in this toy, such as our store is very professional in this field, we specialize in rose sex toys. Of course, you can also go online and search to see the different reviews.

For sex toys, we recommend buying products that use safe materials, materials that need to be safe for the body, such as the use of not ordinary plastic, but medical-grade silicone. For the vibration of the motor, the use of stainless steel, rather than iron, stainless steel is not easy to rust, not easy to gather bacteria, easy to clean.

After the choice of materials, the price is also a factor that must be considered, you need to integrate your own budget. You also need to consider the strength of the vibration, whether the frequency is adjustable.

There is also the choice of function, ordinary rose sex toys, generally only sucking function, some have a vibration function, there is a heating function, rotation function, etc... In fact, the sucking and vibration function should be a necessary function, the rest of the functions can be disregarded.

There are four other main factors to consider

  1. regarding power mode: is it rechargeable?
  2. noise level: whether it is low noise.
  3. water resistance: can it be used underwater?
  4. size: is it the right size?

How to use sex toys?

  1. Wash the Rose sex toy with warm water or clean water and air dry it.
  2. Prepare water-based lubricant
  3. take a shower and relax your body, then find a suitable position to sit or lie down. You can use the rose toy on the bed, you can use a rose toy on the couch, you can use the rose toy while taking a bath, you can stand, and you can sit all the time. Because it is waterproof, it is perfectly fine to use it in the bathtub.
  4. Apply the lube to the clitoris
  5. Use the Rose toy to start sucking on the clitoris and you can turn on the vibration function. Vibrate mode start from low speed, slowly vibrate, if you feel the intensity is too high, please reduce the intensity, before the orgasm can be properly reduced intensity, slowly enjoy the feeling of orgasm.

Some Issues of Rose Toys:

Buy a new product will always encounter a variety of problems, for example, we collect some questions such as can I use the Rose toy in water? Is it possible to immerse a rose toy in water? Is it waterproof? And why did my Rose Toy suddenly stop working? And how do I reset the Rose Toys? Which is the official website of Rose Toys? And so on.

We unified reply to these questions, Rose sex toys are 100% waterproof, and most of them meet the IPX67 standard, for the IPX67 standard, the number 6 means that dust can not enter the object the entire diameter can not exceed the gap in the shell, the number 7 means that at room temperature and pressure, when the shell is temporarily immersed in 1M deep water will not cause harmful effects. So that we have a short period of time in the water will not be a problem, even if they use of 1 hour is not a problem. How to reset it? Some rose toys have reset functions, for example, press and hold for 5 to 10 seconds to reset, and some are without a reset function, for the rose toys reset function, there is no need to reset. If you encounter a situation that suddenly does not work, please contact our customer service.

Rose toy near me

For rose toys sold near you, you can look for the nearest adult store, rose toy is a new toy, but has also been popular for a long time, most adult stores will have them. It is best to go to some big sex stores to buy so that the quality is also guaranteed. We also have a tool to find adult stores online, click on "adult store locator" to open our tool. Of course, buying online is also a great option, we are professionals in this field and we have a lot of rose toys that will satisfy you.

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Rose Toy FAQs

Is the rose toy safe?

We are a professional manufacturer of rose toys, with strict quality control procedures, using safe medical silicone production, low-power motors, 100% safe for the human body, and no safety accidents.

Why is my rose toy blinking

If a rose toy keeps blinking, there are generally two cases, the first case is that it may blink when charging. The second case is about to run out of power and will also flash to remind charging.

Does the rose sex toy release emf?

No, rose sex toys don't transmit dangerously high electromagnetic or radiofrequency waves. there is only a small motor inside, This motor exposes users to electromagnetic waves far below the FCC's limit, which all sex toy devices in the U.S. must follow.