Rose Butt Plug

An anal plug is a sex toy that is inserted into the anus. It is usually shaped like a cone with a narrow head, then gradually gets wider and then narrowed again, and will have a wider base at the end to prevent the sex toy from getting inside the anus. It is also shaped like a drop of water.
Since the anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, the anal plug can be close to the female G-spot and the prostate, the male G-spot. So it is beneficial in any sexual encounter to enhance pleasure as well as orgasm.
Regardless of your sexual orientation, as long as you have a butt, then the butt plug can give you pleasure.
Our rose butt plug, as well as the Fox Anal Plug, will also stimulate sexual desire.

rose butt plug
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Why should I use anal plugs?

Those who like anal sex will enjoy using anal plugs, which can be used to warm up in advance. Of course, you can also use anal plugs when masturbating alone, which can enhance the experience. Anal plugs can also be inserted during sex to simulate double penetration, being penetrated in both the vagina and anus at the same time.

Anal plugs are a great tool if you like the feeling of being full or being stuffed. The anus and vagina are neighbors, and when you insert the anal plug, it reduces the width of the vagina, which increases your partner’s chances of hitting the G-spot, and it creates more pressure if your partner has a penis.

Sinclair likens receiving oral sex while wearing a butt plug to having your nipples played with while receiving oral sex.” It makes this type of play a more comprehensive experience,” she says. In addition, if the butt plug is long enough, it may even touch your A-spot (also known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone).

which is located a few inches deeper in the vagina than the G-spot and can be reached during anal penetration. You then have the potential to experience the hybrid orgasm of your dreams. (Related reading: 7 different types of orgasms.) You may not know that you can have 7 different types of orgasms)

Remember, “While anal plugs aren’t necessarily the same as anal sex, they’re a great way to exercise if you and your partner want to try anal sex,” Sinclair says. It’s called “anal training” and involves teaching your anal sphincter how to relax by slowly increasing the size of your anal plugs (over the course of a few weeks or months) until you’re ready for penetrative anal sex.

How do I buy anal plugs?

First, choose the right anal plug. If it is too small, it will tend to slip into your anus, and if it is too large, you risk anal fissures when inserting it.

Choose materials that are safe for your body. Sex toys made from porous materials are not safe, even though sex toys enter your body and are not regulated. Any toy made of plastic or acrylic has the potential to leach harmful chemicals into your anus. The porous material is not completely sterile and bacteria may grow in the pores.

The safest materials for anal plugs are silicone, Pyrex glass, and stainless steel. These materials are non-porous, they can be disinfected and sterilized after use, and they can be reused.

Where can I buy anal plugs?

Anal plugs are already a popular sex toy and are usually sold in nearby sex stores. If the line wants to protect privacy, you can do online purchases, and businesses are shipped privately.

What types of anal plugs are available?

Material: there is silicone, there is glass, and there is stainless steel.
Shape: usually cone-shaped, there are also ball-shaped.
Function: ordinary anal plugs, no vibration function. There are also anal plugs with a vibration function, which can vibrate the anus.

How to use anal plugs?

First, disinfect the anal plugs, any sex toys need to be cleaned and disinfected before use, do not use shared sex toys, the spread of viruses can also be caused by the sharing of sex toys.

If you have hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or prostate disease, it is best to stop using anal plugs or consult your doctor first.

Since the anus is not the same as the vagina, the anus does not secrete fluid and does not self-lubricate, and both the anus and rectum are fragile, use plenty of lubricants to lubricate the anal plug and lubricate the anus before inserting it. You can put a drop of lubricant into the anus and use your fingers to insert the lubricant into the rectum, and then the lubricant will lubricate the anal plug and the anus.

When inserting it must be inserted slowly, looking for the right size later, then insert it quickly.

If you have the feeling of bowel movement during use, then please empty your bowels before use to prevent the idea of having a bowel movement during sex.

If you are worried that the anal plug will slip into the rectum during use, you can tie a string to the end, and once it slips into the time, you can use this string to pull it out.

Here can give you some advice, you can take a hot bath, or start with foreplay, relax the tense muscles, and then speak the tip of the sai to insert the asshole, and then gradually increase the pressure.

A finger is also a good tool to warm up, if you do not want to pass bacteria from the location of the anus to the rest of the location, you can also put on disposable gloves, and then lubricate the middle finger, use the finger to gently rub the edge of the anus, once you can easily insert both fingers into the anus, then it is easy to use the anal plug.

During the insertion process, if you feel any pain, stop immediately. Then take a deep breath, use more lube, from a different angle, or change to a smaller sai, and try again.

Some people use a numbing ointment in order to experience discomfort during anal sex. This ointment will then prompt you to feel less discomfort from the anal plug. For your safety, do not use numbing ointment while using the anal plug.

How to clean and store?

Most anal plugs can be cleaned with soapy water or sex toy cleaner, if the instructions have special requirements, please follow the instructions to do so.

For anal plugs that do not have a motor, they can also be washed in the dishwasher, which kills bacteria and disinfects them.

Then put the anal plug in a dry, ventilated, cool location, and if it has a storage bag, put it in the storage bag.