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Do You Know Rose Toy Official Scam?

The fraudulent Rose Toy Official scam website was created in January of 2020

The domain name is, and it claims to be located at this address:

3058 Bradshaw Ave, Sacramento, California 95820

However, the site is located in China (IP address We have used Scamalytics to find out more about Rose Toy Official’s real location and created this visual map of where the site is actually based:

Now that you know the true location of Rose Toy Official you can be better informed about who you’re buying from and whether it’s safe to use your credit card on that site or not. If a company isn’t transparent about where they are then it could indicate suspicious activity such as a possible scam or unauthorized billing fraud.

It is located in China, but it claims to be located in the United States

The first thing to note is the store’s address. The Rose toy store claims to have a location in Austin, Texas, but it’s actually operating out of China. In addition to this false information, they also provide a phone number and an email address that both lead to dead ends. By providing these false contact details, the scammer’s goal is to make you think that the business is located in your country, which makes it seem more legitimate as well as convenient for shipping.

However, we all know that you can’t trust everything you see on the internet—especially these days—so don’t take their word for it! You can easily verify this information by searching online for where the company says its business is located and comparing those results with what you find on Google Maps (or any other maps platform).

If this store was truly located in Austin, Texas, and open for business like they claim to be, then someone must’ve at least snapped a picture of it at some point and shared it online. Chances are good that there would be pictures of their storefront somewhere too (I know… since selling toys is kind of their thing). The fact that I couldn’t find anything other than a listing on Google Maps means one thing: they’re most likely lying about where they’re operating from.

Although many of the things you will find on the site are free, it has been designed to trick you into purchasing things that do not exist.

Although many of the things you will find on the site are free, it has been designed to trick you into purchasing things that do not exist. You then enter your credit card information but receive nothing in return.

The scam is also cleverly hidden. For example, when you click for a free Smokey Bear doll, you are automatically taken to a page where “Smokey” demands payment from $28 to $39 depending on which version of the doll you want. You must select a payment amount before exiting the order form. It seems like a good deal! How could that not be real!? Get out while you can!

If this isn’t scary enough for parents or grandparents who would never want their kids or grandkids accidentally paying for something online (especially something they didn’t realize was real), think about what information is being collected on those who sign up for these “free” items:

  • Your name and address
  • Your phone number and email address
  • Your credit card information

You should never purchase anything from rose toy official or any other scam website for that matter

I hope this can help you avoid purchasing from Rose Toy Official and other terrible websites. Unfortunately, I did not know about the bad reputation of these websites before making my purchase. My goal is to hopefully help others in the future to avoid these scams. If you have any questions please comment or send me a message. I will be happy to respond to your questions.

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