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girl in the autumn

Have you tried a remote-controlled sex toy? Did it work?

Girls have sexual desires too

Admit it, girls have sexual desires and masturbate too, maybe because you’ve been single for too long, maybe because your boyfriend is out of town. Or perhaps it’s just that you like the thrill of an orgasm, a damn orgasm.

Some girls have niche desires that are hard to satisfy with just their fingers or regular sex toys. They want erotic literature, exhibitionism, or for their partner to control their sexual pleasure.

We have two remote controllers

Yes, we have two, no mess which one it is, and once it’s in, it’s easy to use the panties to hold it in place.

I have used the Meg app-controlled vibrator from SexToysByManzuri and it is one of my favorite vibrators to use with my partner. It can be controlled with an app and Bluetooth. We use it when he’s not around and when he is. We’ve tried a lot of things, including public sex. It has really changed our sex life. It’s a great vibrator that can also be used for self-pleasure. SexToysByManzuri has several wireless eggs and they are low budget and good quality if you are looking for one.

Hey! It works like a charm. You should try the Satysfier and Lovense toys, they connect to your phone.

We’re also launching a social platform for sexual health where you can find a partner for remote sex using smart toys.

My boyfriend’s favorite LUSH 2

What my boyfriend likes most about the lush 2, is that it’s Bluetooth enabled and allows my boyfriend to use his phone to control it from anywhere. I made the mistake of being convinced to wear the LUSH 2 to work and when my boyfriend called to ask about it, I told him it was off and I could definitely sense he was disappointed, but I didn’t want my co-workers to see me squirming all the time as he played with me using the remote.

After my boyfriend accessed the vibrator through the app, he was able to control the speed and intensity, and choose from 11 different pulses of the toy.

The vibrations alone were amazing, but the idea of combining that with my partner having complete control over my orgasm? It was too hot.

While it was gratifying, it wasn’t as comfortable as I thought it would be, didn’t stimulate my G-spot very well, and didn’t stimulate my labia very well.

My favorite sex toy

My favorite was our Treediride Crown. the dildo-like ball head had a vibrator in it and once it was in place it nestled nicely into my G-spot. The part that looks like a flap of skin has little bumps everywhere and has its own vibrator inside. Once I put my panties on, it’s in constant contact with my clit. It doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, but it has a range of about 75-80 feet. It has 10 different vibration patterns and intensities, but my boyfriend has no way of knowing which pattern or intensity he’s using to stimulate me.

My one mistake of playing with sex toy

One mistake I made while using this product was wearing it at night with 4 or 5 other couples, including my sister. After seeing me jump 4 or 5 times because my little toy was exploding inside me, the other girls started asking questions and I ended up revealing my little secret. Within minutes, unbeknownst to me, the other girls had grabbed the remote from my boyfriend. They passed the remote to me and proceeded to use it relentlessly. Before the night was over, they had completely drained the battery, and me. I was almost exhausted from my orgasm, and my panties were soaking wet. And all the time I thought it was my boyfriend. They saw that I wasn’t responding before they handed the remote back to my boyfriend and made sure I saw them do it. At that point, I needed cock very badly …… Needed it badly. As soon as we arrived home, my boyfriend met my needs. He made sure that the following day my legs were bowed and sore.

Long-Distance Play Remote Controller

When my boyfriend was away on business, he was not there. Unable to judge my reaction, he initially pressed buttons in a random order before I realized I could use the app’s chat feature to provide feedback. Once we found the winning combination, I experienced true happiness. Twice.

My only issue was the one-sided nature of it, especially if we were both after some long-distance love. While the app allows lesbian couples to have two-way Vibease control, all I can offer my man is Snapchat videos.

Do you have fun with your girlfriend using a remote-controlled vibrator in public?

We do use the remote control to have fun in public, but it’s me who gets the most excitement, playing with it and always trying to give me pleasure at the most inopportune times, like when someone walks by and the waiter comes over to order. But I always remained calm when the little thing buzzed against my clit and G-spot, but I still dribbled big wet spots on their seats when I came multiple times later.

My boyfriend also bought me a butt plug and sometimes carries it with him, which can be even more exciting this time of year. Especially when the cinema, the surrounding area also occasionally loud, is a good place for sex.

Final Words

Overall, I like the remote control feature the most. While the vibrations work well for me, you may want to pair it with a dildo if you need internal stimulation.

I also like that the vibrator is virtually noiseless and can be worn discreetly under clothing. Maybe next time I’ll take it out for a spin in public and let my partner tease me to hell and back. It’s hot and spicy!

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