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Are men using Sex Toys? Yes, and Here’s Why

Have you heard the buzz about sex toys for men? Yep, there’s a good chance some men are using them. If that makes you clutch your pearls and ask, “Are they whores?” relax. This article will take a look at things like this, why men use sex toys, and much more.

We were afraid of what we wanted to try

Men are increasingly buying sex toys and using them. But we’re still afraid of what we want to try.

The first time I used a vibrator was in my bedroom at home, with my door locked and the blinds closed. I had just broken up with my long-term boyfriend and was eager to explore my sexuality on my own terms, without having to explain myself to anyone.

I had tried masturbating before this moment, but it was always an awkward experience — I couldn’t get off without thinking about someone else (which is called “fantasizing”) and rarely lasted more than a minute or two. But with this vibrator in hand, I felt empowered and excited to explore what turned me on without judgment.

It wasn’t until recently that I learned how many other men were also interested in trying sex toys for themselves. According to a study by Adam & Eve (a popular online adult retailer), 4 out of 5 men said they’d like to try a vibrator if given one as a gift — but only 1 in 4 said they would actually buy one themselves

When I was 16 I spent the night at my best friend’s house with her partner when she whipped out a lime green vibrator

A male friend of mine recently told me that he’s bought a “sex toy.”

I was surprised. I didn’t think men bought them. That is until I started researching and found out that they do! Men are starting to see the benefits of having sex toys in their lives, and women can benefit from it too.

When I was 16 I spent the night at my best friend’s house with her partner when she whipped out a lime green vibrator. It was the first time I had ever seen one, so I was intrigued. She explained what it was used for and then proceeded to use it on him… right there in front of me!

I remember thinking ‘Ew’ but also being fascinated by this new discovery. And although I wasn’t ready to try it at 16, now I am at 24 and have started using them myself!

There are simply things sex toys can do that a human partner can’t

Sex toys are not just for women anymore. While the majority of sex toy shoppers are still women, more and more men are joining their ranks. According to a study from Mintel, 30% of men 18-34 say they use sex toys.

There are simply things sex toys can do that a human partner can’t, says Tom Stewart, founder of Smitten Kitten, one of the first adult stores in the U.S. “I think people underestimate the power of a vibrator or dildo to get them off,” he says. “It’s not just about penetration. It’s about clitoral stimulation and using your hands to stimulate other parts of your body while partners go at it with each other.”

Sex toys also allow men who have trouble getting erections due to medical conditions like diabetes or erectile dysfunction to enjoy sexual activity with their partners without embarrassment or shame, says Stewart. “When it comes to sex toys for men, you don’t have that same level of self-consciousness or embarrassment like you would if you were walking into an adult store and buying something for yourself,” he says.

It was a very quick ‘yes’ from me when she suggested we begin experimenting with sex toys during sex

If you’re like me, the first time you heard the term “sex toy” was during a conversation with your friends. Perhaps you even laughed at the thought of using them. But, are men using sex toys? Yes, and here’s why.

Sex toys are more prevalent than ever before. Sex toys have been around for centuries, but they weren’t always made with women in mind — and they certainly weren’t marketed to women.

In fact, it wasn’t until the late 1960s that vibrators became available for women to purchase on their own. And while they have come a long way since then, they still don’t seem to be as popular among men as they are among women.

But if we look at how technology has changed our lives over the last two decades alone — think smartphones or streaming video — it makes sense that sex toys would follow suit. So where is this technology headed next?

Sex toys can be very revealing. Is the person you sleep with invested in your pleasure as well as theirs?

Sex toys can be very revealing. Is the person you sleep with invested in your pleasure as well as theirs? If not, it may be time to find someone who is.

If you’ve ever used a sex toy or bought one for a partner, this isn’t news to you: Sex toys are an excellent way to augment your sex life and increase intimacy between partners. There’s no shame in using them! And if you feel like they might make you less “manly,” think again.

Here are several reasons why men should use sex toys:

  • They help partners explore their sexuality together and learn more about each other’s bodies.
  • They can help with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • They improve orgasmic capacity and intensity for both partners (especially if one partner is more sensitive than the other).
  • They can bring couples closer together by encouraging communication about what feels good during sex and when it does/doesn’t work for either person involved in the relationship (whether that be casual sex or monogamous commitment).

It’s easier for me to have an orgasm

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably been told that your man is only interested in one thing. But that’s not true, according to a new study from Adam and Eve, the world’s largest sex toy retailer. The company surveyed more than 1,000 men across the country and found that many of them are using sex toys to spice up their relationships — even if they haven’t told anyone about it.

“We were surprised at the number of men who confessed to using sex toys,” says Dr. Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., a licensed sex therapist who conducted the research for Adam and Eve. “It’s not something couples typically talk about with each other.”

Here are some fun facts from our survey:

1 in 5 men has used a vibrator while masturbating, while 1 in 10 has used one while having sex with their partner!

One out of every three men has used anal beads during foreplay or intercourse (that’s a lot of beads!).

More than half of men say they feel more confident after using a cock ring (we can help with those too!).

And how does this affect your relationship? Well, both men and women say that sex toys make them feel closer to their partner!

With toys, we deliberately take our time and push each other to our limits

Sex toys are on the rise, and not just for women.

Men are more open to talking about them, and they’re using them more frequently.

A new study from The NPD Group found that sex toy usage among men has increased by nearly 50 percent since 2008. The study also found that men are spending more money on these products: They spent $15 billion on sex toys in 2015, up from $12 billion in 2008.

“The perception of sex toys as a ‘female thing’ is fading,” says Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at The NPD Group. “It’s becoming more acceptable for men to use them.”

The study was conducted by interviewing 6,300 adults from the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, and Germany about their sexual habits. It found that a quarter of all American men have used a sex toy in their lifetime; 10 percent said they had used one within the last year, and 5 percent said they had used one within the last month.

For men using sex toys, or who want to play sex

As a sex toy store owner, I’m often asked if men use sex toys. In most cases, the answer is yes.

In fact, we have many male customers who come into our shop to buy products for themselves or their partners. They range from young guys looking for something fun and adventurous to older gentlemen who want to spice up their love lives with something new and exciting.

Sex toys aren’t just for women anymore! Here are some reasons why men are using or want to play with sex toys:

To Enhance Their Pleasure

The average man needs only two minutes of stimulation before reaching orgasm — but not him! He wants more time to enjoy himself before he gets off. He might also want to take things slow and build up momentum before reaching a climax. A vibrator can help him do this by providing extra stimulation at the right times (like when he feels like he needs it) so that he can last longer in bed.

To Stimulate Their Partner

If you’re not sure whether your partner would be interested in trying out a vibrator, here’s what you can say: “If you’re tired of doing all the work, let me help.” It won’t

It’s great to have my partner pick something she likes and then let me use it on her in ways we both like

I really like it when my partner picks out a toy for us to try and then lets me use it on her. It makes me feel I have a say in our sessions but also gives me an opportunity to adventure beyond my usual comfort zones.

Final words

While some may not wish to admit it, sex toys are becoming more commonplace. Fortunately for men, more and more toys are hitting the market that meets their needs. That being said, there is still a learning curve when it comes to knowing what to use and how it works. This need not be daunting though. If you’re single, take this as an opportunity to get educated on these toys and experiment with them once ready. If you’ve already had past experience with these toys, simply consider this an opportunity to express your creativity. In the end, I think we can all agree – it’s about having options.

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