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Does Sex Get Less Pleasurable Over Frequency

After several years of marriage, Robert recently encountered some difficulties in his “sex” life.

Other people are worried about their time is too short, ejaculating too fast, either is not hard or not hard enough, and Robert’s time is not short, a penis is not soft, but found that they do not seem to have the same as before, in the time of sexual pleasure so high, resulting in every “sex” when the pleasure is much lower.

As the saying goes, “marriage is the tomb of love”, and now it seems to have become the tomb of sexual pleasure. Now after each sex, exhausted Robert can not help but think: the original sex is this feeling, now less and less feel the passion of the original, it is better than their own masturbation to the comfortable.

So, is sex really that “boring”? The reason for this is what caused it, let’s take a look.

Why is sex life for a long time, and sexual pleasure is getting lower and lower?

The sexual pleasure is getting lower and lower really because men “like new and old”? The reason for this is that there are many reasons why sexual pleasure is gradually decreasing, and the reason for this cannot be attributed to the man!

The main reasons for the reduction of sexual pleasure are the following.

1. Overworked, mental stress too much

Modern life is fast-paced, with fierce competition, work pressure, and complex interpersonal relationships, which causes extreme psychological pressure on adult men, especially the psychological quality of the more fragile, nervous people, anxiety, and depression intertwined, the recurring state of psychological disorders.

Think about it, do you still want to do other things when you are very tired?

In the long run, the function of the cerebral cortex will be disturbed, and sex to also be greatly reduced, thus affecting the sex life, and resulting in the lack of sexual pleasure.

2. Lack of freshness

Visual fatigue all people have, men do, women are no exception. Two people have been making love for a long time, of course, there is no sense of freshness.

The most interesting thing about sex is the excitement, and the biggest source of excitement is the “unknown”. No unknown, there is no excitement, no excitement, there is no sexual interest, and sexual pleasure is naturally reduced a lot.

3. Diseases lead to muscle weakness and sensory nerve sensitivity is reduced

In addition, prostatitis, and vesiculitis, these diseases lead to long-term repeated congestion of the posterior urethra will also lead to a decrease in sensitivity of the sensory nerve endings on the urethral mucosa, which will also lead to a decrease in sexual pleasure.

4. The inhibitory effect of drugs on the center

Sleeping pills, certain hormones, psychotropic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, anti-gastrointestinal spasm drugs, and diuretic drugs, can have a negative impact on sexual desire.

If the lack of sexual pleasure is due to medication, be sure to consult your doctor for relevant advice and do not stop or change your medication on your own.

In addition, age, physical fitness, and other factors can also affect sexual pleasure to some extent.

How do improve the symptoms of sexual pleasure deficiency?

Happy are the same, and the reasons for unhappiness are different. For different situations, we should use different methods to improve.

1. Increase the freshness

A dish even if it is delicious, if you eat every day, you will get tired of eating soon, not to mention sex. When it comes to sex, if you feel a lack of freshness, you can use some new sexual techniques, and try a variety of tricks that have not been tried before.

(1) don’t always have sex in the same place, the bathtub, car, sofa and so on, can be your warm place, go to a very interesting atmosphere of the hotel is also a good choice Oh.

(2) before sex, after the shower does not rush into battle, you can apply a little with the scent of the lotion, while the female partner can spray some different perfume. You know, the pleasant smell is an excellent catalyst and can help your sex life to add some different experiences.

(3) How long has it been, you are still using the same kinds of actions, do not get bored! Play some fresh tricks, and then develop other “channels”, so that you and your lover are excited ~

(4) different tricks and different situations can increase the interest, especially for many married for many years, couples with children, to leave their role as parents, try to do some different role-playing, and experience different fun.

2. Enhance physical strength and energy

sexual activity is an energy-consuming sport, with the increasing social and life pressures, resulting in long-term depression and tension.

On the other hand, sedentary office men lack exercise, appropriate to strengthen sports and exercise, you can have a strong body and endurance, but also to relieve tension, depression, the improvement of both is very beneficial to increase the quality of sexual life.

3. Improve the neuromuscular functional state of the perineum

You can stimulate the perineum with pressure. The pressure on acupuncture points such as Guan Yuan and Huiyin can significantly relieve the local muscle spasm and also accelerate local blood circulation.

4. Delayed orgasm

Some patients with premature ejaculation have poor ejaculation control, resulting in low ejaculatory pleasure. Their treatment can comply with the doctor’s recommendation to use the appropriate internal and external medication or the couple can cooperate to do delayed training for premature ejaculation to prolong sexual life and increase sexual pleasure.

A study found that when a man is close to orgasm, stopping for a moment to adjust, and then “sprinting” again, the orgasmic pleasure is more intense.

5. Treatment of primary diseases

As mentioned above, some diseases, such as chronic prostatitis, vesiculitis, as well as irregular and repeated erections resulting in posterior urethral edema, may lead to reduced ejaculation pleasure.

The most fundamental solution to this situation is to treat the disease, when the body is restored, the lack of sexual pleasure will naturally improve.

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