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How to Flirt With a Guy: 21 Flirting Tips for Girls

Are you a good girl?

When I was young, I didn’t dare to fall in love early, and when I grew up, I didn’t dare to make waves. Expect your husband to take you, the results are as good as you.

I prepared 21 girls’ “little love technique “, 7 tests, each test 3 flirting skills.

Frist. Pleasure yourself

1. Narcissistic appreciation

Before and after taking a shower, stand in front of the mirror and look for your own charming place for narcissism! Although not large but full of graspable breasts, a little flesh but comfortable and smooth arms, unique navel, waist, and hips to form the natural curve …… find their own body charming, and those parts that may be taken as shortcomings, but also can be a different perspective to define its merits, so that you find confidence in your body, and give yourself a daily positive hint.

2. Bath time

Did you know that many girls enjoy masturbating in the shower?

Some even get the urge to masturbate for the first time when the shower accidentally hits their private parts. In the shower, you can masturbate to your heart’s content without worrying about the disturbance of your parents, lover, or roommate. At the same time, you can also fantasize about two people dating in the bathroom.

3. Don’t worry about grimacing expressions

Are you worried about your expression not being good enough when you make out? How about watching yourself through a mirror or selfie while masturbating. It may be sexy at the beginning, but at the end, it may be grim and sound awful. This is the real you. Accept yourself as you really are, accept that your expressions can get out of control, and maybe you’ll let go more in front of him.

Second. Heartfelt teasing

1. Ride on the thighs

Touching the thigh is an obvious teasing signal, the other party immediately produces a subtle sense of tension and anticipation. When sitting side by side, while listening to him talk, try to put your hand on each other’s thighs, and if the other party responds well, then try to touch the wandering, or gently knead.

2. Foot attack

Have you ever seen the foot tease in the movies? Why not try it yourself in a restaurant: take off your shoes and touch each other with your feet, press each other’s feet and then rub them up to the calves, while continuing to eat and talk as if nothing had happened.

3. Three seconds stare

Although a bit old-fashioned, but unexpectedly effective. While gazing, try to express the emotion of “I want to sleep with you” with your eyes. The maximum time should not exceed three seconds and then move away to look elsewhere. See if he gets the hint?

I often use this on my boyfriend, sometimes not always expressing the desire to sleep, but also can very miss you, you are very handsome in my eyes. How many seconds in a busy day do couples have to really appreciate each other with their hearts? Spend a little more time to take a serious look at each other!

Three, kiss to show love

1. Blindfolded guess guess

One party is blindfolded, and the other party takes the initiative to be kissed part of the past, by the blindfolded party to guess where the next part of the kiss is, is it fingers, waist side, or cheek? After guessing n times, you can switch to play, you can set your own game winners can get what rewards.

2. Sweet talk

While kissing you can whisper softly “miss you” you are so beautiful” and other words to express their feelings, or lightly murmur his nickname so that the two people’s emotions are higher.

3. Lips wandering

Do not rush to a French kiss, first use the lips to communicate more, such as one side with both lips containing each other’s lower lip kiss, or imagine in the lipstick, slowly from one end of the kiss to the other end of the corner of the mouth, the middle can also be the intimate rubbing nose, or kissing earlobes

Fourth, the atmosphere of the date

1. Room layout

A messy room spoils the mood and may not smell pleasant enough. The bedroom is too heavy with life, such as messy clothes, snacks, cosmetics, etc. will affect the mood. Pay attention to air circulation and add some romantic scents, such as scented candles and flowers. Couples with children may want to go out for a room and immerse themselves in the dating environment.

2. Adjust the light

Is it a bit haggard to see other people’s faces in the subway? Because of the cold white light. At home, especially in the bedroom, as far as possible to use warm yellow light, especially recommended to light a candle or dim night light, instantly you can make your face, two people look more attractive, the atmosphere is also very romantic.

3. A nightgown

What to wear in the bedroom? Maybe you do not want to buy too large a scale of lingerie, but those plain or cute patterns of pajamas at home are not suitable. A light silk or satin material robe, a deep V opening, gently untie the strap will be able to show a wonderful body. It is not the kind of exaggerated exposure of clothing, but also the visual greatly increased the temptation.

Five, touch massage

1. Gentle touch

This is not to relieve fatigue, but to provoke the skin to feel the touch of massage. Start with the lightest intensity, use your fingers to feel the sweat and hair on each other’s skin. Especially to the neck, shoulders, back, chest, and other parts to slow down, moving distance of about 3-5 cm per second. Remember, always be patient, gentle, and slow to feed your lover’s skin.

2. Look for the stitches

Look at the clothes you are wearing now, where are the stitches? The sides of the body, under the arms, and the inside and outside of the legs are often overlooked almond feeling zones. Think about the location of the stitching on each other’s clothes and specifically touch and kiss along this location.

3. Delayed gratification

For the most sensitive focus, be sure to leave it for last as the main event, and never come up to touch. Stroke around the point first. This is a teaser to the owner, I’m coming soon! The accumulation of this sense of anticipation will make the focus of the good show more exciting when it opens.

Six, a different way to play

1. Lovebirds bath

Even if there is no romantic bathtub at home, two people bathing together is still a thing that couples must punch. In the process, you can express your attraction and love for each other’s bodies through various skin-to-skin kisses. Help each other to wash, especially together to get your private parts clean and free from the worry of the smell of each other’s private parts. To prevent rubbing it in, you can keep condoms in the bathroom.

2. Slightly drunk

Always feel too sober and sensible to roll with the bed, you may want to drink a little wine. With microbrews, the body can not be released from the control of the rational brain and began to produce a different pleasure.

Note that a little drink is good for the soul! Drinking too much may make the pleasure dull, but also affect the boy’s erection and launch function.

3. Undressing game

It’s no fun to take off your clothes all at once! How about making the prelude longer so the excitement can be heightened. For example, through games such as guessing, truth or dare, cards than size, the loser must take off a piece of clothing and listen to the winner’s orders, a kiss here, say something sweet, and so on.

Seven, fish and water mingling

1. Kiss your lover’s hand

The hands are very sensitive to touch. When dating, two people can look at each other on all sides and kiss each other’s hands, very affectionate. In the intimate hot, cupped each other’s hands, kissing and licking the fingers, and palms, especially containing the fingers in and out of the action, with a strong implication, so that each other’s heartbeat accelerated.

2. Hot and soulful

You know, women do not have to worry about the bottom loose well? Because we can exercise the pelvic floor muscles. Following the Kegel ball or course training, you can make the pelvic floor muscle more tight and flexible. And when in harmony, use the pelvic floor muscle contraction changes, with each other rhythm of clamping relaxation, which will certainly surprise him. It’s not just about pleasing the other person, it’s also about being happier!

This big move is very important, you can train without the help of tools, you can also use the V-do dumbbell ball (such as the Kegel master of the charming movement), the hospital pelvic floor muscle apparatus, etc. (regular hospitals, some beauty salons are very expensive). The most important thing is to insist.

3. Active confession

In the hot, may be accompanied by rapid breathing, bold confession: I like you so much, so love you, you great! (More shy and wild wolf lines are not convenient to write out) This is not to say when to wait? If the lines are too wavy, you can also say afterward that you do not remember the “denial”. Some women worry that the other side will belittle them, which is the bondage of their own perception. If a lover hears a genuine compliment, the sense of accomplishment will be overwhelming!

Of course, the premise is that you are really happy, not acting!

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