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How to Choose a Female Sex Toy

Sex toys under the external and internal toys to be divided into.

External products

Female external toys have 3 types of stimulation: vibration, sucking, and C-point pen, some toys have 2 kinds of combination functions.

External vibration products

Small vibrating toys, also called jumping eggs, are the most classic girls’ toys.

Large massage, that is, the movie Ivy bang even if it is too strong and easy to numb, and it does not look good.

Jumping egg is used outside, no feeling inside is normal. Too many men and women follow the action movie wrong place.

How do newcomers choose it? Start with soft silicone products (plastic vibrations are stronger). In vibration mode, there are 3 kinds of stable intensity options, a total of not too much. Change mode, music variation of these, not much sense.

To give some examples.

Iobanana’s cat paw is very cute. There is a heating function, you can warm your hands to warm the womb, the external claim is a baby warmer, this idea is good! I think the generation is better, better vibration, the second generation is more soft vibration weak Quan that cat paws are not comfortable.

Phantom brand flamingo and lipstick: flamingo vibration is good, can do part-time internal Kegel ball, but not internal and external co-vibration products. Lipstick, I like it so much, do not built-in, is the shape and good sense of vibration.

Sucking toy

Sucking toy is the German womanizer brand this century invented the black technology. Domestic is imitating the originator.

With a small round mouth, is the sucking toy. It is not sucking inward, but outward high-frequency spray air, that feels like sucking only. Because the range of attack is more concentrated and deeper than the vibration, the possibility of causing a female fountain is higher, it is highly recommended that women try it. Most of the feedback is good, there is a part of no feeling or very uncomfortable.

With sucking toys hot market, pure vibrating toys are a bit lost. Some people ask, now a lot of toy advertising, the product is perfect? Advertising software will only write the advantages, but no product is perfect. As a company employee, their test + listen to customer feedback and know that the product is the advantages and disadvantages.

For example, many people struggle to choose between Polly and the bird. Birdie’s face is great for privacy. Polly’s voice is slightly louder. Polly’s strength is more gentle, more like the kiss, tease bean bird more powerful. Polly has a handle to hold, more convenient to use. Because I like the gentle experience + handle, I recommend Polly. Like the bird’s face + privacy, choose it.

C point pen

Is similar to the electric toothbrush-like products, but also foreign toys invented a new type of toy. Foreign brands are priced in the thousands of dollars. Beginners caution, this is too fierce for you.

Players say that this first gear is equal to the highest grade of the jumping egg. Some very unlike, some very like. Friends who have been using toys for a long time can try it, and you can say this is a toothbrush when you go through security.

Internal Development

Bon Bon is divided into two kinds, single-headed or double-headed. Double-headed is that there will be a branch to take care of the outside focus. Many girls bought a single-headed bang and then did not feel it. Remember! Internal synthesis is the king!

Regardless of single or double-headed, you have to choose the curved, or hard, to internal multiple directions of development.

The newcomer has to choose from the finer products. 3.5cm is considered large and not friendly for newcomers to try.

The young novice, the single empty window of the girl, chooses a fine (such as the very classic Siwokang CiCi) have some sports experience recommended 3-3.5cm, bending degree reference Cici.

Inside and Outside Linkage

Double-headed toy bangs can reach inside and outside work together.

Do netizens ask whether to buy a double-headed vibration or a combination of sucking + vibration? It depends on your previous exploration, external prefer vibrations or sucking? I think you can buy both with money.

It’s also good to buy separate sucking/vibration toys + single-headed sticks.

Built-in remote control jumping egg, I think it is more fantasy with, maybe can raise some god, but the effect is good rarely any recommendation.

People often ask for the net red small seal, and can not reach the internal and external common alone, if the internal use also has to be combined with external stimulation.

These days, product publicity is too exaggerated, or a personal test to know whether it is in line with basic human science. If you ask me if Adore my products are good, I can’t be sure.

Kegel ball

The Kegel ball is a product that trains the pelvic floor muscles. It is very important for postpartum women.

It started as pure dumbbells with physical weights to train the pelvic floor muscles. This product will come in different sizes and shapes, from the largest single ball, then to a smaller but heavier double ball. With the ball to train every day for some time, just like working out.

Mydo has Kegel Master Smart Training Ball so that you can not only rely on gravity but also measure the internal pressure to play the game training, which used to sell quite hot at work. I went back to get a test evaluation.

In general, as long as we respect the principles of human science, product quality, and after-sales service, the brand and product will be good. Wish you all can find a very favorite toy, open the human body more beautiful experience!

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