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A Beginner’s Guide To Different Kinds Of Sex Toys

Accept self-pleasure first

Before buying sex toys, I suggest that women learn personal DIY and accept self-pleasure.

Women who can DIY, with toys are the icing on the cake, strong assistance. Never DIY, up is a sex product, the intensity may be too much, perhaps psychologically.

A person does not understand his or her girlfriend’s body structure, does not accept DIY, or buys toys called plucking. The boyfriend buys without permission, the girlfriend is very conservative and rejects, and there will be conflicts.

There is a situation where a woman can DIY but just can’t feel the final breakthrough and experience an orgasm. This can be done with the help of toys to try to break through and see the destiny. Many people have told me about the ecstasy of breakthroughs, but not everyone is guaranteed success.

Toys can not replace the lover

Is it possible for a girl to just use a sex toy and that’s enough? Can it replace a man?

To be honest, the person asking the question should not have experienced real harmonious sex. If the toy brings more pleasure than the man, it is also common that the lover is not served properly and both people need to learn and progress together.

Sex toys only work in one area, they cannot work on the whole body and soul. Pleasure is whole-body, skin-to-skin, mind-body interplay; it is not simply a mechanical movement. A lover who understands this can bring warmth and affection. Just like a lover’s massage to relieve stress, and buy a massage chair, these two should not be compared to each other.

When two people together can be used, smart men with the help of electrical appliances help them de-stress. Want to PK with toys, the man’s penis is no match for electric products. The penis can neither have various shapes nor last for 3 hours.

Worried about reducing the sensitivity threshold

Some people worry that using more toys will reduce the body’s peak experience, or feel the body become numb.

Older players, including me, have said that they are still more sensitive. And because the body is fully developed, obviously promotes the cause of two-person harmony. Just starting to experience or frequent use may be numb and sluggish, when you can rest and adjust, waiting for the demand to sprout again. Also recommended to resume training with your hands.

Buy toys with a break-in period

Buy toys need to try a few more times, at first will not be accustomed to uncomfortable, and even fear because it is too violent, try a few times to determine, is not too strong, too weak. Do not like to buy a new one to try again.

Some people expect too much from toys, expect to use them one or two times to bring a new experience of lust, this can only be said, can not be found, but also need the process.

Worried about toys cause gynecological disease

This cause-and-effect relationship is this. Using toys or two-person river crab, may increase the risk of inflammation, but not necessarily lead to inflammation. No timely cleaning, immune system decline, and strain may also cause a variety of problems, and can not all let the pleasure business take the blame.

And happy body and mind can also improve the immune system!

Pay attention to cleaning before and after each time, internal products use condoms, you can reduce a lot of risks. The old players said they have been very healthy.

How to clean and save it?

Silicone does not wipe with alcohol, recommended disinfection with toy sterilization spray, rinse under running water and dry to dry, and then put in the box bag dust.

After the introduction, let’s see how to choose toys.
The most important, product quality and store after-sales
There is a simple principle, choose to promise after-sales (usually 1 year) of the store.

Most of the toys named brand + nickname, such as Kisstoy Polly, Phantom Flamingo, and Adore me rose toy, Omysky rose, the front is the brand. I think the quality of these brands is good: Svakom svakom, Phantom, Kisstoy, NetEase Spring, iobanana

For electrical products, there is a small probability of problems, after-sales service is also very important to find the after-sales customer service in place.

Whether in line with human science and American women
For example, BonBon chose the curved, to meet the internal structural characteristics. Straight need not look! Here to name and shame little Dudu, still selling straight bangbang! Who helps to pass it on. Europe and the United States’ original products on the large side, newcomers should not start. For example, Lelo and Fun Factory, are too long and too big.

For example, jumping dan such small toys is external use, and some of the main remote control said put into the internal how much effect, is nonsense.

Visual and privacy

Now the market toys are getting better and better looking, lipstick, small animal shape, privacy is very high. Friends who are worried about being found by parents and roommates in the same room, give priority to privacy. I pressed not recommend buying fake dd, because, most women feel spicy eyes, mainly men buy

As an example, banana cat palm, good-looking, or baby warmers, privacy + face value are awesome

Noise level

The general product is between 50-70 decibels, well done below 50 decibels. There are no completely silent products, electrical appliances can not be silent ~ you can cover the quilt to reduce the noise.

Don’t worry, the toy sound is unlikely to be heard next door, but the same room is sure to hear it. Group dormitories are recommended to play songs and movies to cover while she is away. Want no sound? I wish you, girls, to graduate to live on your own soon.

Charging method and waterproof

I would not recommend the installation of battery toys.

The way to charge the toy has a magnetic suction, jack, charging in the box, and other ways. The waterproofness of the jack is slightly worse. Most of the toys use time in 90-120 minutes. Charge in advance and play with confidence. Products have different levels of waterproof like to play in the bathroom friends can look at the waterproof, whether it can be rinsed in the shower, or can be immersed in the bathtub.


Most products claim to be food-grade, medical silicone. I touched so many new products, mainly to see the taste, some smell bad (but also to distinguish between the packaging box smell bad, or silicone smell bad), some smell good and fragrant, and some need to disperse the smell. Completely tasteless very little, you have to disperse the smell and then look.

Pattern selection

When you look at the product, many like to say that there are 10 or even more patterns, I also met 30 kinds of, my God!

Some products have only 1 stable, the rest are fancy. Fancy frequency is very unfriendly in the sprint phase.

The best product model is to have at least 3 stable strong and weak ones, if not more! Fancy not too much. Personally, don’t get any app with fingers and music scratching around either, trouble.

For example, a certain product has 5 modes (1 stable, 4 changes), and each mode has 5 strengths and weaknesses. There are 25 variations. All of you brand design, learn, learn!

Another reference factor, there is whether the remote control function, mainly to heterogeneous couples involved. Own play when the app is slightly chicken or direct control of the convenience!

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