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10 Steps To Understanding The Rose Vibration

Step01: Rose Vibration

Using a rose vibration, you can change the way you have sex, which can make women feel more involved and more present, rather than just doing penetrative movements to reach orgasm.

Clitoral suction sex toys can provide a different kind of sexual experience. Whether you are masturbating alone at home or traveling, you can take it with you, as well as when you have foreplay with your partner.

In 2020, on Valentine’s Day, a rose-shaped vibrator was developed and became famous worldwide, first on Tik Tok.

The development of technology has allowed us to explore all aspects of life. Not only has material life been fulfilled, but spiritual life needs to be fulfilled. All these advances have brought human beings closer together.

Sex is a part of the human body, and sex is also a part of philosophy. Only by releasing oneself completely, by releasing one’s desires, by speaking one’s desires, can the spirit be sublimated, and the mind is advanced.

“First because of the indifference of their way of life, for they make a cult of indifference and, like dogs, eat and make love in public.”

Sex is also part of love. People not only need a reason but also need sensuality. Sex is part of sensuality. When a man and a woman after married, sex becomes a necessity, this time, the temper of both sides will become tender. Love makes the earth warm.

But many of the sexual experiences need to be improved. First, people are still willing to enjoy sex secretly and do not want to make it public.

Step02: What is The Rose Vibration?

forplay rose vibration

The Rose Vibration is a rose-shaped sucking vibrator called the Rose Vibration because of its shape. It has dramatically changed the sex toy experience, and both men, women, and gay men can enjoy this rose flower vibrator.

This is an erotic toy designed for women to transform, but men can use it as foreplay and flirt with it. Rose vibrator is mainly a sucking action, so it is primarily for external use because, unlike the internal vibrators outside, the experience is different. Of course, now also developed out of two-in-one vibrators, both internal vibration and external sucking.

The stamen portion of the rose vibrator has a sucking function, which uses air, suction, and vibration to stimulate the female clitoris. The top of the rose stamen has a nozzle that goes through the glans clitoris (this part of the female clitoris is located outside the body).

The center of the rose vibration sucks in the clitoris and vibrates according to the different patterns you set. There are more than ten vibration patterns, from low to high frequency, with suction always accompanying the vibration. In turn, it gradually brings the woman to orgasm.

The clitoral suction cup provides a new branch for oral sex. The Rose Suction Cup Vibrator is like a twin partner that can be used during foreplay and can be used during penetration. When a man’s body is tired, he can use the rose vibrator to satisfy his girlfriend; it is an excellent brother to a man.

Step03: How Is the Rose Vibrator Different From Other Vibrators?

The first point: Rose Vibrator is in the shape of a rose. Your family, friends, and colleagues will hardly find out it is a sex toy.

The second point: as a unique rose shape, you can give it to your friends as a gift.

The third point: Rose vibrator is colorful. Unlike other single-color vibrators, the Rose vibrator has 7 colors to choose from, including red, pink, purple, light blue, blue, yellow, and black. You can select your lucky color.

Red Rose Vibrate

Passionate, lively, vivid, excited, exuberant, easily inspires courage, but also prone to anger and mood swings.

red rose vibrator

Pink Rose Vibrator

Lovely, warm, gentle, youthful, lively, romantic, happy

pink rose vibration

Purple Rose Vibration

A little lovely, dreamy, noble, and elegant represents special status. Most people like lavender and feel pleasant

purple rose vibrator

Black Rose Vibrate

A deep, dark, solemn, hidden, mysterious, relentless, contrasting color to white

black rose vibrator

Yellow Rose Vibrate

Yellow is warm, noble, brilliant, and glows with the sun. Yellow has the honor of gold, symbolizes wealth and power, and is the color of pride

Light blue Rose Vibrate

Light blue represents innocence and purity; at the same time, blue also represents openness, stability, and peace

blue rose vibation

Dark Blue Rose Vibrate

Dark blue represents cold and melancholy femininity; it represents sweetness, youth, sweetness, and purity. If it is darker, it means stronger love.

Step04: Material

Material is using safe and silky silicone composition. Most of them are made of medical-grade silicone, hygienic and odorless. This smooth clitoral suction cup can bring more comfort to your clitoris.

The motor is generally composed using stainless steel, which will not rust even if it enters the water and will not cause damage to your body.

Step05: How to Use the Rose Vibrator

It is usually used in the clitoral position and stimulates the clitoris before sex at the moment of flirting. But stimulation in a generic location may not bring lasting passion, so you can encourage other body parts.

For example, inner thighs, ears, breasts, armpits, etc., or bellies are all possible. Different people have different sensitive areas.

clit sucking rose vibration

For beginners, when trying to use the rose vibrator to enhance your sex life, in a missionary position, you can use your body to help your sex partner hold the rose vibrator in place if it is positioned correctly.

Another better sex position is the dog crawl style. Using this sex position, your partner must hold the rose as she puts her hand between her legs. With your thrusting motion behind her, the effect produced may be one that neither of you will ever forget.

where should you use rose vibration

Step06: Comments from Consumers

Sharon from the USA

I can honestly say that this rose vibrator has started to make me think about life and make me look at newborn matters differently. This is the second one I’ve ordered, in case the first one had an accident.

I was worried that if the first one didn’t work, it would delay my pleasure. I have never experienced such great joy before. What can make all your worries disappear? It’s this rose.

I can’t wait to get the kids to bed, and I made a nice dinner and bought a new outfit for them today. A little rose will make you experience the greatest joy. I have put it in the safe with all my essential things and locked the safe, so grab it and go to the official website and buy it. You will be grateful to me when you use it.

Andrea from the USA

Well, before I ordered this gem, I read a lot of reviews, from Amazon to eBay to the official Rose Toy website, I read a lot. I was hesitant to buy one or not after reading so many reviews.

I decided to buy one to try once, and wow, this little thing made me scream in my empty apartment as if there was a real man in bed. Before I used it, I put the tip in a little box that I was worried would get dusty and dirty.

Only when I needed to use it did I take it out carefully. I put my hand on the tip and felt the different vibration frequencies, but I still wasn’t ready and screwed up. I put that thing on my dick and set it to the highest frequency, and you thought I was terrible?

Haha. In less than 3 minutes, I started to turn on my phone and watch little videos. After 10 seconds, I threw away the damn phone and started to enjoy the pleasure of orgasm. After it was over, the sheets were a big wet mess.

I rushed to call all my girlfriends and tell them to grab one and order one. I was blown away. You need to have it as soon as possible. Long story short, grab it and buy it on the official website.

Step07: Where to Buy a Rose Vibrator

You can go to offline sex stores to buy rose vibrators. Please open Google Maps, then type in rose toy near me to see where to sell rose vibrators. If you are using an Android phone, the default area is Google Maps.

If you are using an Apple phone, then you can also use Apple’s Maps to search for a rose toy near me, and you will also find the rose toy.

You can also use Yelp to search for adult stores near you, and you can also see the reviews of each store, which has a high rating, so you can choose which one to buy.

We have developed a sex shop locator to help you discover the nearest sex shop, so you can use this locator if you need it.

If you don’t like to travel far and want to buy rose toys right at home, then you can choose our official website. We have many different types and colors of rose vibrators in our shop.

You can also go to Amazon, eBay, and other such platforms to buy the rest of the rose vibrators.

Step08: Where to Use the Rose Vibrator

Rose vibrators can be used in bed and on the couch, which are some familiar places for sex.

Many women want to experience the pleasure of being underwater, so many are concerned about whether rose vibrators can be used underwater. I can tell you for sure that rose vibrators can be used underwater.

A qualified rose vibrator is 100% waterproof, so nothing will happen if you submerge the rose vibrator in water for a short time. Suppose you want to experience the rose vibrator in the bathtub. In that case, this is perfectly fine, but please do not put the rose vibrator in the water for a long time because, after all, different manufacturers produce different quality for safety reasons, do not put it in the water for a long time.

There is also a way to stand up in the shower. It is possible to use the rose vibrator in the shower. This time is not considered fully immersed in the water, so the battery can be used for a long time.

Remember, when charging, it is not allowed to charge underwater. You must dry the rose vibrator and ensure there is no water before setting it.

Step09: How to Maintain the Rose Vibrator?

How do you care for the Rose Vibrator? Because the rose vibrator is sealed, the cleanup is all about the outside. You can use a unique sex toy cleaner to clean it. Sex toy cleaner, special cleaner not only can clean the oil stains but is also harmless to the body. If there is no such cleaner, buying a bottle from Amazon mall is recommended.

The top is only stained with body fluids if the rose vibration toy does not have oil stains. You can use water to clean it. Distilled water is the best. If there is no distilled water, mineral water can also be used. Or you can use clean water.

If you use detergent, apply it to the rose vibrator, leave it static for a minute, and then rinse it with water.

If you use clean water, rinse it a few times and feel no mucus.

Then put it in a cool, dry place and let it dry naturally. Remember not to let the sun expose the rose vibrator. Because the material is silicone, the sun will be exposed to the silicone sun badly.

Step10: How to Repair A Rose Vibrate?

If your rose vibrate is broken, you may want to get it repaired.

First, you should check where it is broken.

If Mirco-USB charges it, please try to change a USB charging cable. If you want to charge it by computer, please switch to a cell phone charging head to try.

Was it submerged in water the last time you used it? If so, please ensure the rose vibrator is not in the water so that the handshake is a little. Listen to see if you can hear a ringing sound. Or come to shake to see if there are water drops? If there is water, please dry it first and then plug in the charging cable to try to charge it.

Because the rose vibrator with a battery inside, if you do not use it for a long time, do not fill the battery. You can fill 60% in there, and then after a while, to see if the battery is dead, continue to charge about 60%, do not charge to 95% or more, which is not suitable for the battery.

If you buy a rose vibrator that is a replaceable battery, you can try to replace a battery to test.

If the external charging line is good, the battery can not be replaced, and there is no water, it is not good to repair. You need to return to the factory to improve. You can contact the Rose vibrator after-sales service to deal with this matter.

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